Pineapples, and Elephants, and Bikinis oh my!

posted on: 9.17.2014

Hat: c/o Ellie Hayes, Bikini: Triangl Swimwear

So I don't normally wear hats, especially in bucket form, but people we have elephants and pineapples coming together. And what better place than a tropical island in Central America to rock such a festive duo?

You should also know that Ellie Hayes (the maker of this face shader) gives a portion of all their proceeds to charity! I love a company with social responsibility, and now I sort of love hats.

San Pedro

posted on: 9.16.2014

I figure it best to begin my numerous Belize posts with the city that served as our home base, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. This is a city of about 20,000 people (tourists included) on an island off the northern coast of Belize. Island life was incredibly mellow, so much that on our first night we walked for 15 minutes before seeing a single soul. San Pedro is still growing, there are few paved roads and can only fit one car thus most people drive golf carts or bike, we tried both. The best part about San Pedro is the endless array of docks and sea water activities. Here you are only a half mile from the second largest barrier reef in the world! (I'll let you guess which is first.) Erik and I loved being able to head out to any dock, spot a few rays and tropical fish, then jump into the big blue. We even swam with sharks and sea turtles! The downside of being in Belize during the quote "off season" was the temperamental weather. We had a constant influx of rain accompanied by intense sunshine, hence my request to be photographed in both chambray and bare shoulders, you obviously needed the full effect. San Pedro- you are a gem.

Travel Daze

posted on: 9.15.2014

I am still recovering from traveling and the reality of a post-vacation Monday, so forgive me for leaving you with solely a teaser photo from Belize. Tonight I am too pooped to sort through photos and formulate proper sentences (plus I really want to catch-up on my guilty pleasure...Witches of East End). It's good to be home. xx

Where's Waldo?

posted on: 9.04.2014

And with stripes and red lips I bid you adieu, at least for a week and two days. I won't have a chance to post tomorrow, and I am sure you have big Friday night plans anyhow, so this is my last post before Erik and I head to Belize! Wish me luck I HATE flying.

Follow my instagram for vacay updates. Love you all! xoxo

Sporty Spice

posted on: 9.03.2014

Overalls: Asos, Sneakers: Adidas, Top: Thrifted (loving this)

Feeling a bit like Melanie C in this look, although let's be honest we all wanted to be Baby or Posh. Zig-a-zig-ah.

Taking Stock

posted on: 8.26.2014

Truly a copy cat here, but I have always wanted to fill out this survey and heck, I may do it again. Also, thats's a rare post-run selfie you see above...enjoy.

Making : Lots of art! Finally feeling inspired.
Cooking: Nothing, it's the husband's turn tonight
Drinking: Some good old H20
Reading: The River Wife, man did this book take a dark turn
Wanting: a lot... but right now, these shoes
Looking: Forward to our vacation in T-11 days!
Playing: with my wedding band, those dang tiny diamonds keep falling out. Any solutions?
Wasting: This begs for too honest of an answer, thus I will spare you.
Sewing: Um....
Wishing: It was fall already, I am itching to get to a pumpkin patch
Enjoying: Being home after a long day
Waiting: For Erik to get home with that dinner!
Liking: My spray roses from the farmers market, this is my second bundle in one month.
Wondering: If I will really achieve my dreams
Loving: My family, all of them, always.
Hoping: To open a little Etsy shop, shhhh.
Marveling: At the palm fronds swaying in the wind, they are so graceful.
Needing: Did I already mention my vacation?
Smelling: run.
Wearing: My high school cheerleading shirt, I still love it
Following: Some path I think?
Noticing: Erik's empty fish tank in our living room, someone please buy it.
Knowing: What I how do I get it?
Thinking: Tooooo much, sometimes my brain could use an off button.
Feeling: Tired and hungry, a recipe for disaster.
Bookmarking: Like the computer feature?
Opening: The door to let some of that sweet ocean breeze into our home.
Giggling: At this strange bird noise from outside, it sounds like I am being shushed
Feeling: Relaxed

PS Check out my interview with the lovely Elizabeth!

Weekend Inspiration

posted on: 8.23.2014

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." -Helen Keller