sunrises are the same

posted on: 4.21.2015

A few hours ago I woke up to take Erik to the airport. Although I greatly enjoy mornings, I am by no means a morning person. I struggled walking to the car and had to rub my eyes several times before I found that tail lights were no longer blurred. Once we said our goodbyes I finally felt awake. I then decided to drive myself down to the beach and watch the sunrise, something I rarely do. Truth is, the last time I watched the sunrise with intention was in Belize, before that, Cancun, and before that I was in the middle of the Caribbean. While on the other side of Mexico time change gave me the ability to wake up with the sun. In each location the sunrise on the water always felt the same: calm seas, warm salted air and some distant storm working its way towards the coast. Today I discovered that Manhattan Beach was no different. It may be a coast where the sun rises behind the mountains, where the water is an ocean instead of a sea, and where the climate is arid rather than humid, but despite its differences the sunrise was unchanged. And then deja-vu hit. Whenever I travel at some point I get a familiar sense that the world is really small and just not that different across its varied regions. I guess it doesn't take several fearful flights for me to reach this moment of enlightenment, just an empty beach, a slight state of delirium, and of course a large coffee. Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Friday Art Feature

posted on: 4.17.2015

I realize the blog has been a bit barren this week, but my dog and my art have soaked up most of my energy. The poor guy lost his jewels, see the sadness here, as for my art... I was on a roll. I woke up everyday this weekend feeling the need to create. It was like the itch to exercise or to dance or even to scream. Colors and lines were trapped inside of me that needed to be set free. I spent hours in the studio painting and drawing until my hands cramped and my eyes blurred. I only stopped to spend time with my husband and even then I secretly wanted to run back to my canvas and feel a brush comb through paint, pastels matted to my skin. I am realizing what it means to do what you love. Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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Home at Sea

posted on: 4.14.2015

After college, even so during, your sense of home is jarred. There's the home you came from and the home you live in, but you can never quite be sure which is truer. In a way, you are perpetually straddling the home of your past and present self. The past being the one that molded, created you, but that person's existence is finite. Then there is the present. The version of self constantly questioning, riding a foggy road where all that is visible is your current position and perhaps your immediate past.  The now you is so less stable, and always a bit lost. Yet day after day you press forward into that fog slowly clearing out new road, until that starting point becomes increasingly unclear, eventually equal to the unforeseeable future. Our past self grows older, wiser, as the road behind creeps into the road yet traveled. But if we can not go back, how may we revisit that old sense of self? Can that fearing yet breathing version of you ever meet the seasoned yet fading past being?

I know so. Now for a pop culture reference. Do you remember the film Inception? Of course you do. In the movie this song always brings Leo back to reality but by way of connecting him to the memories of his late wife. A consistency spanning across past and present. Well I think we all have that token. Someone, somewhere, something that allows us to forgo all the noise and revisit our true self. In other words, forget the journey, the vision of past, the hope of the future and embrace that road. The spine of your life, the thing that follows you beginning to end, even if only as an idea. For me...that is the sea. I can always visit the ocean, gaze into the horizon line, and be put in a state of hypnosis by the rolling waves and there I am, I am me. I am home.

Do you have a token of self? A place of thing that always brings you peace? If so, do tell :).

Friday Art Feature

posted on: 4.10.2015

Cheers to the weekend friends! For this week's Friday Art Feature I am highlighting two paintings that I am giving away. Yep, a pair of freebies. Both paintings are acrylic and pastel on wood board. The first "Peach Morning" is 8 x 8" and will appear in a joint giveaway with Arielle Christine next week! In the meantime, be sure to check out her art, it's pretty freaking amazing, and follow her Instagram (and mine ;) of course) to see the giveaway announcement. The second painting "Night at Sea" is 6 x 6" and a part of a loop giveaway going on now! Check out this post to enter.

Side note: I want to thank you all for being so supportive of my new art adventure. I know most of you only virtually, but you have treated me like a true friend throughout this all. Your encouragement truly keeps me going. I love you! xo

Spring Forward

posted on: 4.09.2015

It's that time again, seasonal bucket list time! If you were under the impression that Southern Calfornia skips out on winter, well then you should know this is even more true for spring. Although, it did rain two days ago and it was magical. To keep with tradition I will first re-cap my winter list and then move onto spring. You should know I am using more photos from our Texas trip as my winter highlight photos because this short stay was the closest thing to a typical winter we experienced. OK, enough with the jibber jabber, onto the lists!

Winter Re-Cap:
-take at least one yoga class each week, I can sense my flexibly dwindling. About that...yeah still dwindling.
-revisit this whole 10K bit, and maybe even add in a half! Signed up for a half and ran a 5K, I'd say that's still a win.
-get a PUG: YES YES YES. Look at my beautiful baby!
-begin my drawing a day project, I'll reveal more soon: Yep. Even though I have fallen behind it is still going strong! 
-like I said before, open that shop. Check!
-embark on our wannabe annual Morro Bay excursion (Pleaseeeee, Erik). No, sad face. We're trying to be a bit more frugal these days.
-watch all of the Oscar nominees before the Oscars. Almost, I still haven't seen the winner.
-sell a painting, maybe 2 :). Yep :).
-enjoy a rainy day in bed, with tea, and movies, and perhaps Bon Iver. No to the music, yes to the rest.
-go to Disneyland! I am a firm believer that the best time to visit is during the winter. I think you heard about that attempt two days ago.
-spend NYE with friends and wear sequins...I'll take any excuse to be physically sparkling. No sequins, but I wore vintage fur and I think that's equally jazzy.
-create an herb garden, although I am not a fan of bugs, or dirt for that matter. Yep! Pup loves it too.

-stop and smell the roses, they are so gorgeous right now
-speaking of flowers, photograph as many as I can (I like flower pics okay?)
-join my mom in her current sewing venture and make my own drawstring pants
- have a picnic on the grass, even though I prefer the sand
-go sailing
-build a website in place of my Etsy shop
-apply to several summer art fairs
-run a half marathon, I better I am already signed up!
-find some awesome vintage patio furniture for our deck, then enjoy a dinner under the setting sun
-rock a flower crown, not at a music festival

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This and That

posted on: 4.08.2015

Color and I have this push and pull relationship. In my own art, color, she wins. If you haven't noticed pink appears more often than not in my paintings and somehow I always manage to sneak in a few streaks of teal. But in my home I like white. My mother likes to remind me how my house could be mistaken for a hospital waiting room. Too white, too sterile. That's why today I am highlighting a few pieces in my home (albeit small) that are quite vibrant. Too prove her wrong of course.

-The first I snatched up in San Diego, because who doesn't want a mini pink skull. I move it around constantly as I can't seem to find it a proper resting place. It clashes with my blue, white and gray living room but seems hidden in my studio. I'll figure it out I suppose, it is one of my favorite trinkets after all.

-How adorable is this chicken!? Purchased from Santa Barbara local artist, Peggy Buchanan, during an afternoon art walk stroll when Erik and I still called SB home. Supporting the arts is obviously quite dear to me, but I find supporting local arts even more imperative. Now for my preachy moment...attend your local art fairs and shows! There's so many talented people out there and in these cases the art is quite affordable. I mean this little chick was $20! What-a-steal.

PS: I am giving away this painting via Instagram, enter the giveaway here!

Bear for the Win

posted on: 4.07.2015

Hats off to my husband. The past three days he tried tirelessly to show me a good time by focusing on activities of my choice. (Well as long as a NCAA basketball game didn't compete with the hour, but that's not the point.) On Saturday we spent the afternoon basking in that beach sun, Sunday we did  Easter Brunch with my family then binged on House of Cards per my request, and yesterday we went to Disneyland! Only the happiest place on earth ended up being a bit of a boo as poor E got food poisoning. Luckily the park comped our tickets, I mean we were only there 2 hours, so we get to go back with stable stomachs! But you know, I still consider the day a win. I got an entire weekend with my favorite guy and days like these remind me how lucky and I am to share my life with this man. I love you Bear! xx