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posted on: 11.20.2014

Man do I have the travel bug. Every day I find my self scheduling a pretend trip to London, Dublin, and Paris on Expedia.com. Of course, this is a vacation I cannot currently afford, but a girl can dream right? This evening I chose to counteract my wants by reminding myself that my home is very much a vacation destination. Sweet sweet Santa Barbara, goodness am I blessed to live here.

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posted on: 11.18.2014

Pants: Gap, Blouse: c/o Rosegal, Glasses: Ray-Ban

Look, I realize my fashion sense, since say this, post has become significantly more casual. It was a different time and I was a different blogger. You should know I am totally OK with this truth, because now you all are seeing me as I really dress, and this blog is all about authenticity. Thusly, consider the look above me on a "fancy" day. There was once a time and place in my life where I was forced to wear business formal clothing and whole heartedly follow trends (Beverly Hills, what a trip), but thankfully that chapter has since closed. I have ever since boycotted collared blouses and dress pants. Lies, did you see what I am wearing? I have instead reinterpreted what it means to be professional in a more Michaela friendly way. This post is exactly how I do business dress now: a floral blouse, baggy trousers, booties, a power bun and glasses for good measure. Success, no? How do you all rock business attire?

PS: Thank you for your sweet comments on yesterday's post! Today I am less like a lyric in a Dashboard Confessional song (I mean "Just a Rose"...really?!), and on a more stable tune like Lady Antebellum's, Bartender. Haha, I am kidding, I'm kidding. But really, thanks for the smiles.

PSS: Shout out to Rosegal for the inspiration! The only thing better than a business casual dress code, is affordable business casual clothing!

Just a Rose

posted on: 11.17.2014

Today this post will lack whit, length and optimism. Apologies all, I have the Monday blues. In an effort to alter my melancholy state I am choosing to highlight roses, more specially, roses in less than serene settings i.e. sidewalks, or industrial buckets. To clarify, I am not trying to construct some dramatic metaphor that draws a connection between myself and a rose, and the chaotic world in which we both live. Rather, I am solely attempting to remind myself how grateful I am to live in a world where there are roses (even if they are found in buckets.)

Now somebody tell me a joke, I could use a giggle.

Chapter 2: Do You Remember?

posted on: 11.13.2014

I suppose it is my turn to describe our budding romance. What did he call it, a campaign? Ah yes, I remember that campaign quite well.

I recall my best friend (we'll call her Cynthia) mentioning a water-polo player named Erik had a crush on me. I remember being flattered, but equally disinterested. I was new to this whole high school world, and for some reason I had it in my head that I was supposed to date a football player, I was after all a cheerleader. Wasn't that the natural way of things? (I was 14 and superficial, please forgive me). I did, I dated a few.  But as my freshman year progressed and these other prospects failed, this Erik figure became increasingly intriguing. I too was on a mission, a mission to be taken. (Again, 14 and dumb, but back to the story). I saw Erik every morning as he picked up the attendance sheet from my physics class. He would wave to Cynthia and maybe smile at me, or was it directed at her? Until one day he did, I was sure of it, he smiled and it was directed at me! I guess, I realized, he was/is rather cute.

I told Cynthia, “I want to meet this Erik fellow, I think he's actually kinda cute.” She was ecstatic. Cynthia was conveniently dating one of his closest friends, so the introduction would be quite casual and simple. That day at lunch we waltzed over to the swimmer/water-polo table. What you don't remember high school social segregation and lunch politics? As Cynthia made her introduction Erik offered his hand and began to speak the words “Hi...” until a glob of spit fell straight from his lips to the floor. I giggled, it was a little gross but also endearing.

That weekend we partook in our first date, a double date to be clear. The four of us went to see a “The Day After Tomorrow.” Erik sat stiffly beside me while Dennis Quaid fought off a polar bear or something. As thrilling as the film was (sense the sarcasm?) I stepped away for a potty break. In that brief span of time Erik must have received a pep talk, because when I returned he placed his arm around my shoulder. I liked this, in fact I think I liked him too. Afterwards we walked around the mall while waiting for our ride, only one of us was barely 16. In waiting I observed him. I noticed his eyes were green, not brown, that geez did he have a great tan, and his teeth, my goodness they were perfect! I wasn't ready for this date to end, and luckily the other couple, young and in love, were not quite ready either. When we got back to Cynthia's house night had fallen. As she and her boyfriend escaped to make out somewhere, Erik and I laid on the hood of his friend's 1960's Mustang. As we gazed at the stars I put my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat, his breathing. I enjoyed his scent and the sound of his voice. In that moment I got butterflies like never before.

Not too long thereafter, we became official. Better yet, inseparable. It truly was a summer romance. Kissing in corners, playing in the ocean, talking on the phone until morning approached. We were utterly in love.

What does Nicholas Sparks say of summer romances? Oh yes... “Summer romances end for all kinds of reasons. But when all is said and done, they have one thing in common: They are shooting stars-a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. And in a flash, they're gone.”

Until next week... Read Chapter 1 of our story here.

Four Eyes

posted on: 11.12.2014

It has been a year since this post, and I can not think of a more accurate word to describe this reality other than pathetic. The only real reason so much time has gone by is because I am a professional procrastinator. This sad trait of mine multiplies when the necessary task has to do with anything health related be that the doctors, the dentist, a prescription refill, or an eye exam. I mean, I am currently suffering through heartburn because I have avoided picking up my tummy medicine from CVS for the past week. Lame. But this past month your girl finally figured it out and had her eyes checked for the first time since college. As to be expected my poor baby blues went down hill. Yes it's sad to see my sight go from a 20/20 to a 20/70 in just 4 years, but the fine people of Firmoo found a way to flip that frown upside down. How you might ask? By sending me these fabulous frames. They are light, comfortable, and oh so trendy, not to mention INCREDIBLY affordable. Thanks to my new goggles I saw the Man on the Moon for the first time in years! Boy did I miss him. There's a whole world of beauty out there and I can't believe my laziness held me back for so long. Now I am rambling. Cheers to Thursday, I love you all!

Mermaid Glass

posted on: 11.11.2014

Sea glass Necklace: c/o Wanderlust Fashion, Shark tooth Necklace: Venessa Mooney, Top: Thrifted

Growing up alongside the ocean, a certain part of me always identified with the majestical yet unfortunately mythical mermaid. As a child I would dive beneath the sea then plant my feet firmly in the sand. When the moment was right and a glassy unbroken wave approached, I would channel all my strength to burst through the water in a sort of reverse dive motion. It was as if I had the force of a fin allowing me to launch through the surf like a dolphin. Perhaps on occasion I still act out this little routine, actually I definitely do. Once a mermaid, always a mermaid.

Where is this all leading to? Glad you asked. My friend Brittany of Wanderlust Fashion has been living the mermaid dream. A few summers ago, I met this native Texan in San Diego. However, it was as if she was born from the ocean. She now calls Maui home (majorly jealous) and collects treasures from the ocean, like shells or sea glass, and converts them into gorgeous works of wearable art. Sounds like a dream right? Be sure to check out her shop, and/or follow along with her travel adventures on her blog, Instagram or Facebook. Trust me, her daily images of sea turtles and dolphins are an ideal pick-me-up.

PS: Shout out to all the veterans out there! Thank you for your service.

Weekend Inspiration

posted on: 11.09.2014

“It was November--the month of crimson sunsets, parting birds, deep, sad hymns of the sea, passionate wind-songs in the pines. Anne roamed through the pineland alleys in the park and, as she said, let that great sweeping wind blow the fogs out of her soul.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

*all images via my instagram