Weekend Inspiration

posted on: 3.29.2015

"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." - Ernest Hemingway

Friday Art Feature

posted on: 3.20.2015

Minis. I have a blast making these little 6 x 6" wood board paintings. I start with several acrylict layers then add a milky topping of, you guessed it, oil pastel. They are small, but no less substantial than a larger work of art, believe me. Numbers 1 and 2 are currently available on my Etsy shop, while number 3 has already found herself a home. The last will be added soon! Which one is your favorite? I know mine ;).

Have a great weekend loves!

10 Ways to Fuel Your Creative Fire

posted on: 3.19.2015

1. Gather inspiration: Watch/Listen/Read whatever moves you. For me that is French films and movie scores, specifically music with a Celtic tone. Weird, I know, but it works.

2. Just go with it: When you get that creative itch, run with it! If it's in the middle of the night and you can't silence your ideas, don't! Get up and embrace them, or at the very least...

3. Write it down: Inspiration and ideas don't always appear at opportune times, thus always be ready to record.

4. Change your 'tude: Don't dread your work, get excited about creating! Artistry doesn't have to be associated with depression and angst. It is a beautifully euphoric act if you ask me.

5. Change direction: Sometimes the direction you are headed isn't working. Don't be afraid to make a U-Turn. Start over or go somewhere else entirely!

6. Find a subject: Topics are limitless, and sometimes going to that blank piece of paper or canvas can be daunting. So give yourself a focus, it can be anything: pigs, boats, selfies, a break-up or existentialism.

7. Move: Endorphins, hello! Get out and move, you might come across an idea while in the exercise zone. I often do.

8. Forget people pleasing: The arts are innately subjective, thus rejection is terrifying because your creation is incredibly personal. Keep in mind however, when it comes to creative taste everyone is different. Some like abrastract art, some minimalism, while others perfer hyper-realism. Your creation will not please everyone even if it is work of supposed genius, so don't even try.

9. Embrace the mental block: Sometimes your brain just needs a break, give it one. Fear not, creativity will come in due time.

10. Be your dream self: Good or bad, realistic or fantastical creation is reminiscent of the dream world. Remember yours, and embody them. This doesn't mean become a surrealist, but if in your dreamworld you are fearless, passionate, adventurous or all of the above, be that person when you create. It is you truly you after all.

This and That

posted on: 3.18.2015

Teacups. I dig them. In fact, for years I have dreamed of owning an extensive teacup collection displayed in some sort of lovely shabby chic hutch. But alas I have never had enough space in my series of small apartments, not to mention I live with a man who already finds my measly collection tedious. Although, he does put coffee cups and tea cups in the same category and if that paring were true I would have to agree with him. Regardless, behold my two favorites:

-I bought the first at an antique shop in Morro Bay. How pretty is it?! I swear I feel like Marie Antoinette every time it catches my glance. That is, the happy version of her before the storming of the Bastille and all...

-Tea cups, sea monsters, and boats oh my! I guess my dream space would be somewhere between 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Alice and Wonderland. Luckily, Anthropologie gets me.

Saint P

posted on: 3.17.2015

"May the saddest of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past." -old Irish Toast

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Now where's my Baileys?

Beach Pug

posted on: 3.16.2015

People, big news. I have a beach pug! I don't know if you remember how important this is, but I officially have my dream dog. Over the weekend we took Admiral to the beach for the first time, and what did my little puppy do when he saw the big blue? He jumped in face first! Naturally, Admiral then got a snout (if you want to call it that) full of salt water, but after one big sneeze he hopped around the waves like a little goat. He was truly elated. (See here!) This weekend in San Diego was a scorcher, 90 degrees at the beach, and pugs should never get over heated as they can become seriously ill as a result. Luckily my little merpug was so taken with the ocean (just like his mommy) that cooling him down was as easy as a trip to the beach! Basically, my life is complete.

Friday Art Feature

posted on: 3.13.2015

Apologies for missing last week's FAF, like I said I was in Texas and my computer died. But here we are, another Friday (to which I wish you a happy one) and another art feature! These two are not necessarily my favorite drawings, however there is something I love about them...that is they are of my home. I love San Diego so very much, and the bay by my parent's home will always be my happy place. I hope these recreations make you smile even a hint as much as the real thing makes me. xx

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