posted on: 4.23.2014

Because what more can really be said for gorgeous flower fields and my love of these overalls, behold five completely unrelated tidbits.

1. I've recently started brushing my hair again and now can't believe I gave it up in search of volume.
2. The other day I found an error in National Geographic Magazine in regards to the distance of space. I am pretty proud of this, thanks Astronomy C10.
3. I am currently addicted to Pinterest. I never thought this would happen, but it's a problem.
4. On the day after Easter I ate an entire bag of Twizzlers, gross.
5. What I wore to work today could have easily been on my husband instead, clearly I need a girls night out.

How about you all, any random confessions? I'm sure you have 'em, spill.

iPhone Imagery: wk/5

posted on: 4.22.2014

This and that from here and there. 

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Romping Around

posted on: 4.17.2014

Romper: Asos, Sandals: Zara (similar here)

Sundays in the park are always are significantly improved by wearing rompers with zebra printed bows. Trust me.

ModCloth: Uniquely You

ModCloth Style Challenge

This week I am participating in Modcloth's "Uniquely You" style challenge. I chose to style this bold red maxi dress. Because red is such a strong (in the best way possible) color I chose to pair it with muted tones. However, this is not to say each other item is inferior. I mean look at the stripes on those wedges, or the floral patten on that headband, and don't get me started on those pineapple studs. Love. it. all.

See my Wanelo submission here. I'm new to this fash-app, so please Wanelo veterans- teach me!


posted on: 4.15.2014

My trend interest this week is not a style but a color, and a muted one at that. Blush is nude and pink's star love child. I want this color in every worn form possible, most intensely in this dress and this bag. Thought's on blush people? I'm assuming only positive affirmations will be given here, because like I implied it is the perfect pink. 


posted on: 4.14.2014

Floral Top: Shopbop (sold out, similar here and here)

Spring is here which means it's basically summer in Santa Barbara. What's important is that I can finally work on my tan allowing me to sport off-the-shoulder blouses. Ironically, I spent Sunday eating chocolate chip cookies and macaroons making it harder for me to get in a bikini to work on that tan. Ughhh 15 year old metabolism please return to me!

Weekend Inspiration

posted on: 4.13.2014

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you." -Walt Whitman

Happy sunday everyone! xo
P.S. I made a few tweaks to the blog design and finally added an "About" section, the truth is revealed.