Taking Stock: Pt 3

posted on: 3.04.2015

Making: Keurig Coffee. Guys, it takes some serious skill.
Cooking: Ironically, lots of pork. Although I have cut meat from my diet, Erik now has the freedom to eat whatever kind his big heart desires. Including his new favorite...pork loin.
Drinking: That Keurig Coffee I was telling you about.
Reading: The Paris Wife, loves it!
Wanting: On that note... a trip to Paris. I don't even care about PFW, I just want to be there!
Looking: At this mess of a house. I don't have kids yet, but I swear I am always cleaning.
Playing: A reggae Spotify playlist Erik created, as I do most mornings.
Wasting: Evenings watchings Law & Order SVU. I miss Stabler...
Sewing: I don't know why I keep this one in here...
Wishing: For that Euro trip remember?
Enjoying: My art studio.
Waiting: More like trying to get going. Somebody has a vet appointment in less than a hour.
Liking: Lavender Tea. I thought I would hate it, but it's so perfect before bed time.
Wondering: If my zit cleared up, I have been avoiding the mirror this morning. Oh hormones...
Loving: This vine account.
Hoping: My flight tomorrow morning makes it to Dallas. Ugh I hate planes.
Marveling: At planes. I am equally fascinated by them as I am afraid.
Needing: Money. Real original.
Smelling: Morning dew, yes it has a smell.
Wearing: My pink PJs and fluffy white socks that Admiral enjoys biting. I am a walking puppy toy.
Following: This Kylie Jenner/Amber Rose drama. I think that is the saddest fact I have ever admitted on my blog.
Noticing: How coffee completely depletes my appetite. Would you hate me if I said I kind of like that?
Knowing: My boys (Erik and Admiral) love me, and it is the best feeling in the world.
Thinking: Honestly, so many things at once my brain is aching. Highlights: flying, my pug, and what to wear today.
Feeling: A bit anxious, but also excited.
Bookmarking: The page I left off at in The Paris Wife? This one still confuses me.
Opening: The ice maker to distract my puppy with a piece of ice so that I can finish this post!
Giggling: At my crazy dog. He's running and snorting like a mad man.
Feeling: Like I need a Yoga class.

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Studio Mornings

posted on: 3.03.2015

Every morning I walk through my studio just to see my work through new light. Each painting, whether completed or in progress, is suddenly brighter and more saturized. I see what I have accomplished and then visualize the works I have not yet begun. I look at yesterday's dried pallet and remember how blessed I am to have a space filled with acrylics, oils, pastels, paintings and images of the sea. A room to retreat, to create, a room that breathes wanderlust and inspiration... a room covered in art.

Friday Art Feature

posted on: 2.27.2015

I think I have made it clear to you all that the ocean is my primary source of inspiration. With that said, you should know I am currently experimenting with it's representation. I want to be most true to my beloved sea.  The ocean is so much more that blue, it's a deep prism of colorful water. Through my art, I am trying my damnedest to capture the lavenders, the pinks, the oranges and greens that lie beneath the surface. In this week's FAF I am showing two types of techniques I am working through to achieve this emphasis on buried hues. In the first two paintings, I begin with acrylic on wood board. I go crazy with color application, imagine a highly saturated seascape with lots and lots of paint. I let the unfinished painting dry then strip the board so that the original colors only linger. I literally wipe away the obvious blues to find those oranges I know are there, but it's funny how the blue always remains. To sum up, consider these deconstructed seas.

The second set I drew/painted with my usual oil pastels. However, in these I began with bright acrylic paint instead of drawing directly onto the black board. This set is a traditional version of layering, but even in their normality something happens when I choose to focus in on that sea break and fade into the distance. So what do you all think? Do you prefer and more expressionistic sea or a refined wave? I love to hear your feedback!

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You can buy selections of my art here and here, or of course contact me at michaelajeanblog.com if you are interested in a painting that is not yet listed.

Oh! Be sure to check out my interview with the amazing Emma Logins of Fan in Style!

Happy Friday friends! xx

Chapter 4: Kids

posted on: 2.26.2015

Facebook is a crazy thing. Though she had been out of my life for nearly three years, the daily comings and goings of the ghost of girlfriend past were omnipresent through social media.

I always knew I had made a mistake when I let Michaela out of my life the first time, but the pain was dulled by the new life I had made for myself in college. However, three years of seeing the girl of my dreams grow up apart from me was enough and the pain killer that was UCSB could not dull feelings that I still had for my first love.

After much time had passed, channels of communication eventually started to open. Old hurts and points of contention were discussed, and new terms of friendship were put on the table. Time heals some wounds, however real trust is harder to earn back. It began with phone calls – hi, how are you doing – tell me your troubles – I’m bored walking to class. They felt extremely natural, like reconnecting with an old friend, and it felt good. Once I got a little taste of what I had lost I knew I needed to get it back, for the long haul.

Fall was in full swing, the end of October was approaching, and I lived in a fraternity house at UCSB. Halloween at UCSB is notorious, and what better way to entice an old friend to meet up that inviting them to fun weekend down in Santa Barbara. Michaela was lucky enough to catch a ride down with a friend of a friend and boy was I nervous. By this time my friends had learned about “the Berkeley girl” and they knew I was smitten.

The weekend was approaching and I got the call, “hi – I am outside”. I had butterflies in my stomach for the first time in I could not remember how long. I walked outside and there she was. My first love, perfect in every way, smiling her beautiful smile, standing right in front of me. Of course an awkward first hug in 3 years followed, but most importantly the second chapter of our lives together began.


PS: These photos are from a year after we rekindled our friendship. That year Erik's computer was stolen and mine crashed...
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iPhone Imagery: wk/9

posted on: 2.25.2015

Hey it's my first iPhone Imagery post since moving back to LA! Although I must confess, a few of these photos are from weekend visits to our hometown, San Diego. I may live in Los Angeles (and actually like it), but San Diego will always be the superior city in my mind. I suppose now would be an appropriate time for a Ron Burgundy quote...

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posted on: 2.24.2015

In posing for a make-up post a girl felt a rare, yet familiar, sense camera confidence. She thought of her past fashion blogging days and said, "The heck with it, husband will you shoot my whole outfit?" Around that same time, her sweet sweet little pug who was watching from afar felt the fashion vibe as well. He decided it was time he participate in the family affair and assume the role of assistant stylist.

He immediately noticed her dress was wrinkled. Since the little pug was cursed with paws instead of hands he chose to work with what the Good Lord gave him- a mouth. He bit at the ends of the dress pulling with all his might in attempt to straighten the fabric. Unfortunately his efforts only proceeded to insert tiny hole into the dress and irritate the once ex-fashion blogger. In fact, his efforts caused such an uproar that the photographer had to personally escort the little pug out of the room. Rightfully so, the little pug yelped and let out cries of frustration, couldn't they see that he was only trying to help? .

Hours later after the photo shoot had long passed, the little pug decided his fashion days were cut unfairly short. In secret, he grabbed one of the girl's shoes, took it to a private room, and attempted to improve upon its ventilation. Mid-job he was rudely interrupted as the girl snatched his work out from under him and replaced her shoe with a rather tasty bone. He thought, "Perhaps I am no fashionista, just a little pug with a teething problem." And as the girl looked at her new fashion situation, she too realized, "Maybe I am no fashion blogger, just a girl with a camera, a patient husband and a ridiculously cute pug."

Friday Art Feature

posted on: 2.20.2015

One of the most rewarding experiences since this whole art venture began has been working on commissioned projects. To interpret an individual's vision then construe their own paradise carries an immense amount of pressure, but the moment I see their faces upon scanning the finished painting, I immediately gain a sense of satisfaction like never before. Above are two commissions that I have completed this last month in my idrawskies style. (One of San Diego, one of Ko Phi Phi, Thailand.) If you or someone you know might be interested in commissioning your own art work see here!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xx