posted on: 9.29.2014

Lamanai was by far our best experience in Belize. We awoke at 5:30am to take an hour and a half boat ride to the main land, which was followed by an hour long bus ride in the rain to get to the jungle, and finally a two hour small boat ride along the New River, but the journey was half the adventure. Our bus driver was amazing and made sure we had plenty of ice cold Belikin beers on hand. When we arrived at the river there were about five men, clearly locals, accompanied by their pregnant dogs, who I loved of course. Us and two other American couples entered a tiny boat that looked like it could sink at any moment, and within minutes we were headed into the depths of the jungle.

I swear our guide had built in binoculars because the entire time he was spotting creatures I could barely see even when he had pulled closer. Us and the two other couples joked that we partaking in the legitimate version of Disneyland's Jungle Cruise, some adventurers right? But it's true, every thirty seconds our guide would point out a rare bird, or a manatee, a monkey or even a crocodile! He also pulled us close to a tree to zero in on a few camouflage bats (see if you can find them in the photos above), which of course flew directly into my face and naturally I screamed. He thought it was hilarious, it sort of was.

Once we made it to the ruins I was in awe. The jungle canopy arched in sections like mini-mountains, and for miles, however not due to the ground's formation but because of numerous unearthed Mayan ruins. We walked along the park, watched tucans, listened to the howler monkeys, and admired the Mayan masterpieces, just our small group... the entire place to ourselves. At the largest temple, a whopping 103 ft tall, we were invited to climb to the top at our own risk. Typically, I am not a fan of heights, but when in Rome or Belize rather. The face was so steep the locals had included a rope to assist climbers as if we were scaling some rock at Zion. Turns out we needed it. When I reached the top, I admit I was nervous, but equally satisfied. A. Because I conquered my fear, but more importantly B. because I could see the entire Belizean jungle canopy. What a sight. I'll spare you the similes and metaphors as I could go on and on about this day, and instead leave this post to three paragraphs, 22 photos, and your imagination to fill in the blanks. But believe me when I tell you, this excursion is what made our trip unforgettable.

Weekend Inspiration

posted on: 9.28.2014

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.” ― Neil Gaiman

Sketching Space

posted on: 9.26.2014

I am kicking off the weekend with another art purchase. Seeing as my funds are sparse I was only able to buy a limited edition print of "Ripples in Hyperspace" by the talented Ana Bagayan. However, the print was professionally executed and failed to hide the artist's supreme draftsmanship. One of my secret obsessions is astronomy so when I found an artist with an equal interest in the universe, furthermore the metaphysical, I was instantly intrigued. And ugh, her ability to depict light via graphite, teach me your ways Ana!

If you are interested in buying art, but not quite ready to drop several hundred dollars, I suggest you invest in a limited edition print. They are highly collectable and a great way to begin an art collection. Email me or shoot me a comment if you want to chat about what to buy or how to start collecting, I eat this stuff up! xx Happy weekend!


posted on: 9.25.2014

On our last full day in Belize Erik and I decided to travel to the deserted "West Side" of the island. We rented a golf cart and drove for a solid hour on muddy narrow roads. We realized we were in desolate territory when we failed to spot a single home or person for miles, it was just us, unnamed roads and the endless mangroves that framed them. The quietness became eerie and at one point I found myself imagining a scene from "The Beach" where silly American travelers unfortunately stumble upon a pot farm in search of paradise. Erik was convinced we were going nowhere and perhaps that we were traveling in circles. As the silence grew almost unbearably loud, a horrid growl came from below. Both of us screamed, "Oh sh*t!" then stepped on the gas, pushing the poor cart to its speedy limit of 20mph. We looked behind in search of the wild monster that had attacked us only to find small dog running full speed after us. We laughed and immediately relaxed, silly Americans. Even if we were lost, it was on a small island and we were as safe as could be. When we finally made it to the west coast with rumored white sanded beaches and a view of Leo DiCaprio's private island, we found the place you see above. Still not a soul in site, except for that boat I hadn't noticed until posting these pictures. The beaches were untamed, scattered with crushed coral and whole shells, not exactly beaches as I had envisioned, but that water! My God was it beautiful. We stood there for a moment in silence, soaking in the thick breeze lined with sea salt. I was in heaven.

Clearly, we returned to San Pedro safe and sound. However, I hope it won't surprise you to find that we concluded this day with drinks at the only American bar on the island. Those Texans, that couple from Cincinnati, and a few strange shots ended up being exactly what we needed after a day in the shoes of an island wayfarer.

Summer Recap

posted on: 9.24.2014

Let me begin by apologizing for the photo quality, our camera died on Saturday and unfortunately it needs to be taken in for a tune up...huge bummer. In turn, you are left with measly iPhone photos for the time being #firstworldproblems. On Sunday, Erik and I spent our anniversary on the beach which we considered fitting since it was the last weekend of summer. Speaking of summer, do you remember this post? In any case, I would like to recap my summer bucket list and follow that up with my must-dos for fall! See below.

-take several sunset ocean swims    not as many as I had liked, but still- check!
-enjoy a bonfire or a beach BBQ    yep, see pics above, we made sausages mmmmm
-go on a desert river trip    this post is proof
-surf (an old hobby I'd like to revisit)    well, I went in spring does that count?
-tan, no judgement please    I am sure I have the wrinkles to prove it
-listen to lots and lots of reggae    always
-rock no makeup for a week    sort of...I still put on concealer in Belize when needed
-drink fruity cocktails by the pool    check!
-eat s'mores :)    nope, and now I want them
-sneak wine into a movie theatre with friends    also nope, but we snuck in macaroons!
-finish a large painting    ha, how about 6 small ones, will that do?
-read 2 books for pleasure    yes! on my fourth, guess which one above is mine
-put lemon in my hair for natural highlights   I did it one day, then opted for real highlights instead
-go fishing, sailing and snorkeling (3 in one)   snorkeling, yes...the rest I must role over to next year
-fall asleep on a hammock    I didn't quite fall asleep, but I was relaxed to say the least

Bucket list for autumn:
-go to a "pick your own" pumpkin patch
-add a new miniature to my slowly growing Halloween Town (can you say nerd alert?)
-try homemade mulled wine
-order seasonal drinks from each coffee shop I visit
-bake pumpkin pie, again
-figure out an awesome couples costume (we were major failures last year)
-get a super dark colored mani-pedi
-treat myself to some new boots, it is about time
-sign-up for another 10K
-read "Gone Girl," everyone is talking about it
-watch Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, Coraline, and The Nightmare Before Christmas
-open that freaking Etsy shop!

What would you add to your fall bucket list? I need inspiration, this one feels short.

Fall's here?

posted on: 9.23.2014

Sweater: Old Navy, Booties: Urban Outfitters, Bag: found in Belize, Sunglasses: Asos, Shorts: LF

Although summer seems to drag on until at least November in Southern California, apparently autumn has arrived! Man do I love this season regardless. Seeing as we have yet to beat the heat in Santa Barbara, the 10 day forecast lists a consistent 80 degrees, my favorite Floridian (Shannon from Upbeat Soles) and I thought it would be fun to post about fall fashion in states with summer weather. .
I mean, how cute is she in that fall colored jumpsuit? That girl is so stylish and somehow always finds amazing items at incredibly affordable prices. I swear when I read Upbeat Soles, I take shopping notes. For me, boots and sweaters say fall fashion, however it is clearly too warm to rock those with an ideal pair of oxblood skinnies. Thus, I've opted for jean shorts, booties and the world's lightest sweater. There you have it, sweater season the SB way. What says fall fashion to you?

One Year Later

posted on: 9.21.2014

"...I was crazy about you then and now
The craziest thing of all,
over ten years have gone by
And you're still mine,
we're locked in time
Let's rewind..."

Can't believe today is our first anniversary Baby Bear! I love you with all my heart and soul. Here's to growing old together :).