Baby Bumps and Maxi Dresses

posted on: 11.23.2015

Dress: c/o Zaful, Hat: Minnetonka

First, can I say I am not exactly sure why I insist on a plural title for this post? I suppose it has a better ring to it than it's singular counterpart, or perhaps I could force some argument that maxi dresses were made for baby bumps. However, I would not say that's always the case. Yes, maybe in terms of comfort (because honestly the less material touching me the better, especially in the thigh and waste region), but most of the time you just end up looking like a big sack of potatoes. What I will say is that this maxi dress was made for my baby bump. Thanks to stretchy cotton and the right amount of cleavage I think I'll be able to rock this until at least 7 months. Now back to Erik's boxers and XL t-shirts, because to me that's a pregnancy outfit.

Big News

posted on: 11.16.2015

Well crew, I am pregnant! Some of you may have found out on Facebook, or Instagram, or Snapchat <michaelamoore>, but if you know! I hope this better explains my absence on the blog and my reduced art production, goodness that first trimester is rough! I have an entirely new respect for our gender, we really are warriors. I promise to delve more into the wonders of pregnancy in future posts, but for now please accept my announcement paired with a cliché photo of me at 14 weeks. (As of today I am 19 and 2 days!) xx

5 Questions to Ask the Artist

posted on: 10.21.2015

1. As a child, do you recall a significant moment when you felt truly affected or inspired by any particular artwork or artist?

Yes! When I was around 5 my grandmother bought me this book and from there on I loved Monet. That is, until I met J.M.W. Turner and Cézanne in college, those dudes are my front runners these days.

2. As an artist, what do you hope to convey with your work?

I hope to honor the past. The past often gets a bad wrap with phrases like "put the past behind you" and "don't look back", but the past is what made us. All we have to show for our lives is this very moment and of course our past. No you may not be able to live in a time that has already come and gone, but you can certainly celebrate it. With my art I hope to pay homage to certain eras by recreating small bits from said time such as old buildings, old objects, etc. Through bright colors and animated lines I hope to bring life into these buildings and objects that are timeworn.

3. What memorable responses have you had to your work?

I would say my most cherished responses have been from commissions that are very personal to the client. Whenever I have painted homes or vacation spots, the client tends to be more moved by the finished product. It's like I have realized their memories, which is quite awesome.

4. What is your dream project?

Honestly, I think I'd love to do an illustrated children's or young adult book. That would be the dream.

5. What artists, of any medium, do you admire? (Famous or not!)

Wow, being an art history grad the list is quite long. Here's my attempt at top 10 in no particular order:

-J.M.W. Turner
-Kara Walker
-Paul Cézanne
-Claude Monet
-Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
-Jean-Antoine Watteau
-Mark Ryden
-Camille Rose Garcia
-Tim Burton
-Sally King Benedict

*Special thanks to Patience Brewster for the prompt, be sure to check out her inspiring work!

Oh, hi!

posted on: 9.14.2015

Hey there strangers! Long time no talk. I know, I know the silent streak is entirely my fault, but I hope to make clear in today's post that our mini break-up was about me, not you. Real original.

It has been approximately 5 months since I have posted on MJB. I think that may be my personal record since I entered the blogosphere in 2011. In truth, I thought I was finished for good. There was no logic to my disappearance. I was simply sick of blogging. Blogging became a chore, no different than emptying the dishwasher or dusting. My passion and creativity went straight to my art and I felt that if I no longer liked blogging, why do it? However, I wasn't convinced that I could say goodbye forever, so I just left. I did not create a farewell post, I made no comments on my Instagram about my blog, I just stopped blogging.

You may be thinking, well why start now? Because, guys, I miss this place! MJB has been my virtual diary for years and without it part of my existence has dissipated. Dramatic? Yes. An exaggeration? No. But to prevent myself from having another M.I.A. episode I am self-assigning a new rule: There are no rules!

Hence forth I may or may not talk fashion, DIYs could make appearances, but no promises, I will likely discuss my art, but maybe not every Friday, and I will no longer post to schedule. What?! No schedule!? That's like blogging suicide! Yeah I realize, but I've also come to the conclusion that major blogging fame and success is not why I am here. Basically this blog will be a fluid space with some of my regurgitated thoughts and a collection of narratives that make up ma vie. What I promise will remain is my honesty, oh and pictures of my pug.

Sheesh, that was tough. I am seriously rusty. I hope I haven't lost you cuties for good. If I have... I'll hunt you down in the comment section of your blog. You'll be forced to find your way back to my page, there's no escape! #halfkidding

Missed you. xoxo

sunrises are the same

posted on: 4.21.2015

A few hours ago I woke up to take Erik to the airport. Although I greatly enjoy mornings, I am by no means a morning person. I struggled walking to the car and had to rub my eyes several times before I found that tail lights were no longer blurred. Once we said our goodbyes I finally felt awake. I then decided to drive myself down to the beach and watch the sunrise, something I rarely do. Truth is, the last time I watched the sunrise with intention was in Belize, before that, Cancun, and before that I was in the middle of the Caribbean. While on the other side of Mexico time change gave me the ability to wake up with the sun. In each location the sunrise on the water always felt the same: calm seas, warm salted air and some distant storm working its way towards the coast. Today I discovered that Manhattan Beach was no different. It may be a coast where the sun rises behind the mountains, where the water is an ocean instead of a sea, and where the climate is arid rather than humid, but despite its differences the sunrise was unchanged. And then deja-vu hit. Whenever I travel at some point I get a familiar sense that the world is really small and just not that different across its varied regions. I guess it doesn't take several fearful flights for me to reach this moment of enlightenment, just an empty beach, a slight state of delirium, and of course a large coffee. Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Friday Art Feature

posted on: 4.17.2015

I realize the blog has been a bit barren this week, but my dog and my art have soaked up most of my energy. The poor guy lost his jewels, see the sadness here, as for my art... I was on a roll. I woke up everyday this weekend feeling the need to create. It was like the itch to exercise or to dance or even to scream. Colors and lines were trapped inside of me that needed to be set free. I spent hours in the studio painting and drawing until my hands cramped and my eyes blurred. I only stopped to spend time with my husband and even then I secretly wanted to run back to my canvas and feel a brush comb through paint, pastels matted to my skin. I am realizing what it means to do what you love. Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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Home at Sea

posted on: 4.14.2015

After college, even so during, your sense of home is jarred. There's the home you came from and the home you live in, but you can never quite be sure which is truer. In a way, you are perpetually straddling the home of your past and present self. The past being the one that molded, created you, but that person's existence is finite. Then there is the present. The version of self constantly questioning, riding a foggy road where all that is visible is your current position and perhaps your immediate past.  The now you is so less stable, and always a bit lost. Yet day after day you press forward into that fog slowly clearing out new road, until that starting point becomes increasingly unclear, eventually equal to the unforeseeable future. Our past self grows older, wiser, as the road behind creeps into the road yet traveled. But if we can not go back, how may we revisit that old sense of self? Can that fearing yet breathing version of you ever meet the seasoned yet fading past being?

I know so. Now for a pop culture reference. Do you remember the film Inception? Of course you do. In the movie this song always brings Leo back to reality but by way of connecting him to the memories of his late wife. A consistency spanning across past and present. Well I think we all have that token. Someone, somewhere, something that allows us to forgo all the noise and revisit our true self. In other words, forget the journey, the vision of past, the hope of the future and embrace that road. The spine of your life, the thing that follows you beginning to end, even if only as an idea. For me...that is the sea. I can always visit the ocean, gaze into the horizon line, and be put in a state of hypnosis by the rolling waves and there I am, I am me. I am home.

Do you have a token of self? A place of thing that always brings you peace? If so, do tell :).