new horizons

posted on: 12.20.2014

It sure feels like I am milking this move for all it is worth, but change is daunting and you are my involuntary/free therapists. Believe me when I say your attention is appreciated. As you have read, Erik and I moved this week to Redondo/Manhattan Beach. Back to LA. Some of you may know, but I had a difficult time living in Los Angeles a few years ago, which is why we moved to Santa Barbara in the first place. Unfortunately, SB is a seriously challenging place to make a living, thus a move for us was inevitable. Luckily, Erik was offered a job opportunity we had to accept and so here we are, back in LA. (Go Erik! He is totally kicking ass!)

Now the obvious question... what does that mean for me? Trust me I have already been flooded with comments like, "So how's the job search going?" "You better not become a boring housewife." "You are moving because of a man?" This is feminist California mind you. (Which is not a bad thing of course.) Well yes, I am moving for a husband, but it is more than that because this job provides us both with new horizons. So again, what does this move mean for me? A chance to pursue the one constant desire I have had my entire make art. I have mentioned my love for art for some time on this blog, but up until this point it has been a hobby, a side-lined subject. And with such neglect, my soul has ached. In my heart of hearts I know that I will never find satisfaction in work unless I am creating, moreover creating with creative freedom. I am not knocking the 9 to 5 as I have been apart of this category since college graduation and it takes true commitment, strength, and strive to thrive in such environment. I am not disregarding the "blue collar" jobs because they may in fact take even more of the previous listed. I may very much find myself within one of the two previous listed in due time, but for now I must try- try to become an artist. If not now, when? I realize that this is a profession that encourages eye-rolling and skepticism, but I am fully prepared to face adversity and judgement. Heck call this the year of my quarter-life crisis if you will, but I finally feel as though I am finally coming into my own! The only thing that scares me more than failing, is never knowing and living with regret.

With that said, I have decided 2015 will be my year! The year I finally launch a e-shop and start an art project that I am very excited to share with you! Ultimately, it will be the year I chase my dreams. I have gained the support of many loved ones, and now I am asking you fellow bloggers and friends for the same thing. You and I, we are one in the same, we are always looking for more than the mundane the obvious so we write, we style, we photograph, we create! Now more than ever, I need you- my sweet and wonderful internet friends far and wide. Perhaps you could spread a little extra love when I become truly vulnerable by sharing my art with you and the rest world.  And obviously, wish me luck!

I love you all, xoxox times infinity!

not goodbye

posted on: 12.18.2014

The move is complete! If you have been following along with my instagram you will have seen that Erik and I are getting quiet settled in our new beach town. (I love this boardwalk!) But before I start blogging about my new space and revisiting series such as this one, I need to devote a post to life in Santa Barbara. As I am sure many of you have deduced from my not so subtle admiration of this Southern California city, I utterly loved living in SB. I will miss the peaceful beaches, the quaint streets with overgrown greenery and preserved victorian homes, the stunning backdrop of the Santa Ynez mountains, but most importantly, I will miss our friends Brooks and Lindsay (the neighbors). I know Erik will 100% agree with this testimony, as they helped make this city home. Between one too many Friday nights that often involved dance-offs at empty bars, dinner parties on weeknights, pool days and football games, our newlywed friends became family.

Although the boys are not pictured above, I think these images accurately display our dynamic: Linds and I marching ahead with our counterparts following so patiently behind. Bear and Brooks, I'll finally admit we were/are a two are saints! To conclude this post I would like to call on the cheesy cliché, but incredibly appropriate, salutation, "it's is not goodbye, it's see you later." We love you both, now get your butts down hear so we can wreak havoc in Manhattan Beach!

(Photographs by Brooks Burgoon)

Goleta Pier

posted on: 12.14.2014

Sandals: c/o

Our move is only a few days aways so Erik and I have made a valiant effort to re-experience some of our favorite places in SB. This includes the location you see above, Goleta Beach Pier. After a week of rain and clouds, yesterday we were gifted with a typical Santa Barbara GORGEOUS afternoon, which made our pier visit ideal. I took this weather opportunity to finally wear my new FlopZ sandals that actually massage your feet as you walk. I am not sure how I am going to go back to basic soles. So thanks FlopZ for providing me with a whole new standard of shoe comfort.

(Also, their logo is a fish bone! #obsessed.)

Checking In

posted on: 12.10.2014

In retrospect I realize my last post alluded to some sort of crazy exciting news: pregnancy, a major blog advancement, heck a puppy. But alas, my news is bitter sweet, common, but very big to my little family (aka Erik and I). We are moving. We are leaving our Santa Barbara paradise for new opportunity in Los Angeles, specifically Redondo Beach. As sad as I am to say goodbye to the land of oil slicked seas and 100 year old palm trees, I am thrilled to partake in the next chapter of our lives. I will of course reveal more about this transition as I ease back into regular postings, this is a personal blog after all, but for the time being let's avoid the serious stuff and talk about my hair! My goodness can you believe that's what it looked like when we first moved here? Now for the important question: do I grow it back out or continue with my short (and I must say, easily managed) hair?


posted on: 12.01.2014

Happy Monday crew, whew we survived Thanksgiving stuffing...I thought for sure I was going to pop, for good. Look I am going to stop the blogger small talk and say it like it is- I am freaking pooped. Mommy bloggers, let alone, Mommy full-time-job bloggers you are truly impressive, I do not know how you do it! No I am not a Mom, no I am not pregnant, but I am currently balancing (or attempting to) a rather packed schedule. Moms of course lead this life always, hence my admiration and praise. Anyway, I chose not to disclose this information earlier for whatever reason, but I have been taking a grad class on top of my full-time job and it has been kicking my ass. Not due to content, I think I am doing pretty well in my class as a matter of fact, but am I lacking time. Thus, my poor poor beloved blog has suffered. I think this photo pretty much sums up my current existence...blurred, tired, pony-tail, no make-up and a blessing of a husband. I promise, by the end of the holiday season I will be back and ready for you! I have some very big news coming your way, so stay tuned and in the meantime please bear with me, slurred prose, scattered posts and all. 

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posted on: 11.25.2014

My brain is rather fuzzy thanks to a cold that is slowly creeping into my body. Forgive me as I am hoping images of my favorite work dress will do the talking that I cannot. In all seriousness, what words are even needed on the subject of black and white polka dots? They are to patterns what Whitney Houston is to vocals, so perfect no description will ever do.

iPhone Imagery: wk/8

posted on: 11.20.2014

Man do I have the travel bug. Every day I find my self scheduling a pretend trip to London, Dublin, and Paris on Of course, this is a vacation I cannot currently afford, but a girl can dream right? This evening I chose to counteract my wants by reminding myself that my home is very much a vacation destination. Sweet sweet Santa Barbara, goodness am I blessed to live here.

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