Puppy Performance

posted on: 1.29.2015

 Oh my sweet little Admiral James Upp. This guy has developed quite a personality let me tell you, but then again this is in part why I wanted a pug so badly. This breed serves to please and I swear he knows when he is being utterly ridiculous. With that said, I have decided to share with you my little one's favorite and most hilarious performance act. Admiral and I often play this game where I blow on his face ever so slightly and then alternate these minor gusts with little pecks on his adorable muzzle. Yeah I kiss my dog on the mouth, but come on he is so freaking cute!!! Anyway he usually just looks at me like I am some sort of strange woman he is forced to tolerate, but then it happened. A few weeks ago I was in the act of creating a mini puppy tempest and instead of his usual bewildered stare he stuck out his tongue. But it gets better. Rather than just trying to lick the air, he held out his tiny tongue like an angry 5 year old long enough to let it flap in the synthetic wind. He did this over and over as if he knew it pleased his mommy so. Whose the weirdo now Mr. Puppy?! Loads of entertainment this baby is, check out his Vine account and see for yourself. Now if he would just stop chewing on my running shoes...

Retro Glasses

posted on: 1.28.2015

Option 1/ 2/ 3/ 4  
As you have noticed and/or have read, my fashion posts have nearly perished from this site. Then suddenly, out of the blue two posts regarding jewelry appeared. "What is this?!" You may have asked yourself, or not. In any case, there it was... a post about silver, and now today yet another post on the subject of accessorizing surfaces. Madness! 

The thing is my friends, although my love for fashion is less centralized it does not mean I fail to appreciate items from that realm. One of which is retro spectacles. I love how they can immediately transform your look into something more cultured and creative. At least thats what I like to think these flavor of glasses do to me. In shopping for my last pair, I attempted to get the round silvered frames instead, but Erik put a stop to this sale by offering a rare style opinion and proclaiming, "Noooo, not the Harry Potter glasses." If I were a better woman and told that man of mine, "Deal with it, a Harry Potter wife you will have!" those stunners would be on my face as I type. Unfortunately he won the battle. Luckily these glasses exist on the web (fancy that) and for only $30 at this savior of a site called Eyeglass Discounter. My birthday is around the corner so perhaps now would be a good time to pull the "it's my birthday and I can shop if I want to" card and finally rock those round spectacles. I assure you he will be much more willing to support my representation of wizardry when the cost falls below $50. Or so I hope :).

*This post was sponsored by Eyeglass Discounter, yet all opinions are my own.

Becoming a Giant

posted on: 1.26.2015

Hola and Happy Monday! I hope your weekends went splendidly! Last week I explained to you my obsession with silver jewelry, and now I will push a little further on this topic and discuss my affinity for quirky/dainty silver earrings. There was a point in time whence I fancied gaudy ear candy, but that fondness was short lived. For the past few years the simple and subtle details of certain metallic gray ear pieces have continued to amaze me. You've seen my fish bone earrings, my alligator studs, and my first taste of an ear cuff , but today you will have seen an exemplarily version of my jewelry tastes- a dainty conch silver stud with a minimalist humanoid ear cuff. This cuff you should know, was $1 from Born Pretty. Is there a better deal out there? Props not. And if you use the code UPG10 you get an addition 10% off, like you need it. Point being, chandelier earrings you're cool and all but when a tiny tin man holds onto your cartilage for dear life you assume the role of a giant, and I do not think any other fashion statement could grant you such power. I bet you didn't expect that conclusion, yeah nor did I. What were we talking about? Oh right, funky silver ear cuffs...I like them a lot.

Friday Art Feature

posted on: 1.23.2015

Happy Friday friends! I've decided to reserve my Friday posts for drawing/painting updates, most likely from my idrawskies project. These three are my favorite from this last week, I think because I am beginning to pull away from replication and move towards the realm of interpretation. I am a perfectionist and unfortunately this trait continues to interfere with my art as it serves as a blockade to creativity. Yet thanks to the repetitive nature of this project (a drawing a day) I am loosening up! My skies bleed onto my seas, my palms and buildings are mere suggestions of line, and my clouds are movements of color rather than shapes alone. If you like these paintings check out my Etsy shop or follow my Instagram and tumblr accounts dedicated to these projects! Oh I also went over to the dark side and created a Facebook page... care to like it? I'll feel less embarrassed if you do and like yours back :). Thanksssss xx

Chapter 3: Footprints On My Ceiling

posted on: 1.22.2015

It has been several months since I have written about our love story. For one, a lot has happen between now and November, I mean we moved, but also I have avoided this chapter of the saga as it is the most painful. Chapter 3 addresses the lowest point in our relationship, and I have seriously considered skipping it all together. But I promised you a romance novel and by golly you must read about conflict to get to the happy ending! So here we go...

Our summer romance was heavenly and includes some of my most cherished memories to this day. Erik and I returned to high school that fall and remained a couple for 3 semesters and 2 summers (practically a lifetime in high school years.) We shared a locker, he walked me to class, we parked our cars side by side, supported one another at sporting events, attended dances as a couple, shared many firsts, and ultimately experienced what it means to be young and in love. But in 2006 Erik was nearing graduation and I could feel him pull away.

Erik was my first serious boyfriend so many signs of his discontentment in our relationship flew past me. Yet right after Christmas '05 I felt his distance and it was terrifying. We began to argue, I clung, he pulled away. That New Years Eve I made the decision to spend it separately to prove I had my own plans and friends and wasn't as needy as I was seeming to be. Mistake. We had promised to be each others first conversation as 2006 entered our lives, but alas midnight struck and no phone call came. Perhaps I was supposed to call him? So I put pride aside and dialed his number, 717.... and nothing. I called again, still voicemail. I felt a knot in my stomach and nausea in my throat. But I was naive and although my body told me something was wrong, I convinced myself everything was OK.

When we hung out the next day and I could see that my Erik was different. Overly nice, but still in his own world. I never thought another girl was involved, maybe he drank too much? I was basically a prude so he would have been ashamed to tell me if he was drunk, this was likely the issue at hand. We returned to school and had 2 classes together but instead I felt we were further apart. We now argued a lot, and that young love ecstasy was dwindling. We pushed each other to the point of separation one week before my birthday. He pulled away for good and my heart had truly been broken. I cried for 24 hours, in fact I sobbed. I had never experienced such sadness in my life, all I wanted was for him to hug me but he was gone.

Back on campus I struggled to partake in my regular extra curricular activities. I recall my soccer coach encouraging to take some of that anger out on the field, but I just felt deflated. My fellow cheerleaders wanted retribution, but I wanted him. I think Erik missed me too as I saw him smile at me in the hallway often. He eventually approached me and asked to take me to see The Lion King on Broadway for my birthday as we had originally planned. I was nervous, but I missed him so much that against my better judgement and loved one's input I agreed to go.

Friday came and Erik's white '86 Suburban pulled up in front of my parent's house. I dressed my best, wore a push up braw and heavy eyeliner, because obviously this was my best look, and stepped out the front door. Our ride was quiet but neither of us could hold back from smiling, we really did love and miss each other. The date went well, but with minimal affection. As the night came to a close he parked in front of my house once more and walked me to the door. There we kissed with so much passion I felt as though I was starring in my own romance film. I thought, "this is it, we are together! I love him and he loves me and that's all we need." But then he pulled away and drove home. Nothing had changed, that was until Monday.

We were sitting in our last class of the day together when I got a phone call from my best friend who attended a neighboring high school. Luckily I had good grades so my teacher allowed me to excuse myself and speak with her quickly. She told me that she needed to talk to Erik immediately. And then I knew. Erik got on the phone and then looked at me dead faced. That knot came back, and I wanted to throw up. The words of another girl escaped his mouth but my body tingled, my head went dizzy and my ears numb. We were over, forever.

Baby Brother

posted on: 1.21.2015

Over the weekend my brother came to visit. After some much needed face time with the puppy, not to be confused with FaceTime (which obviously had already occurred on several occasions), my beloved little brother immediately made himself at home. He took a seat on the couch and turned on my favorite thing to watch on television- basketball. I really hope you pick up on my bitter sarcasm, because although I love a good Charger game and the World Cup, I HATE watching sports on TV. He knows this quite well as does Erik who has been reduced to weekend sports on the tube since saying "I do." But what are little brothers for? I am glad I brought that up because instead of writing out a sappy short essay about my love for this guy I am going to follow my usual MJB protocol and list them for you.

My baby brother....
-taught me how to throw a curve ball
-supports me without stipulations
-made sure I knew how to protect myself by volunteering to be my wrestling partner for the first 14 years of my life
-educated me on the subject of all American sports so that I would be well equipped when I entered the dating world
-taught me how to nurture another, and what it means to care about someone more than yourself
-makes me laugh like no other
-is the most successfully competitive individual I have ever met, without meaning to sound ridiculous... Jesse is a winner
-shares my love for dirty rap songs, because who cares about lyrics when the beat is soooo good
-knows how to boost my confidence with subtle compliments like, "Michaela, I don't mean this in a bad way but have you lost weight?" Love that kid
-is my favorite dance partner
-is not over protective, but always on my side
-is more than my best friend, he is my person

I love you J-Man!

Alligator Earrings

posted on: 1.20.2015

In this picture exists three things I love dearly: stripes, silver earrings and my pug. My puppy needs no explaining, and as for stripes I have expressed my adoration of this pattern many times before. But silver, oh sweet silver I love you. White gold and platinum of course fall in the same color vein, but silver is clearly the more affordable metal. On that note, I am not above faux metals either and when I came across these Born Pretty alligator earrings, for literally $4, I had to have them! Born Pretty is also offering my readers 10% off your order when you use the code UPG10! I mean, how cute are these unicorn earrings for $2?! Such a steal.

Well crew I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday and if you haven't already please check out my new Etsy shop! xx