This is not a fashion blog

posted on: 7.11.2011

Ok, it's kind of a fashion blog, but it's definitely not your average fashion blog.

For starters, there's two of us. Lucky you! Two for the price of one.

And second of all, we're not fashion superstars who spend our time jetsetting and posing in the latest Prada platforms (not that we'd minnnnddd that lifetsyle!). We're two normal college grads who are a little more concerned about paying the rent and sleeping in on Saturday than sitting front row at fashion week. Our wardrobes are composed of way more H&M, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters than designer vintage and we're totally cool with that. So this is our fashion-hobby blog (oh yeah, we're copywriting that).

We're going to write about making our way as working girls in two of the most dynamic cities in the country (Michaela in LA and Monica in San Francisco), our complete obsession with anything and everything French, the books we haven't been able to put down, the songs that have been perpetually stuck in our heads, and how to style our recent purchases from the ever-glamorous Target (pronounced Tar-jay of course).

Please feel free to comment! We'd love to hear from you.


M & M

PS Karl, call us! ;)


  1. Hi M&M (that sounds sweet)
    Thanks Monica for helping GossipDress last Sunday. You have been choose to be posted today Monday on the GossipDress Blog ( Francisco section.
    The team in Spain loved you :)

    Thanks again!