Changes are Taking the Pace I'm Going Through

posted on: 8.28.2011

Oh yeah, I just quoted David Bowie.

That's besides the point though, what I am trying to say is, Michaela and I have been a bit preoccupied lately with, well, changes. In the past two weeks we have both moved into new places (twins!) and Michaela starts her new film production internship tomorrow. As soon as things slow down a bit expect to be hearing from us a lot more. That being said, I am currently sitting in Peet's catching up on my emails, facebook surfing, and of course, blogging (didn't think you could get rid of us that easily did you)!

So here's what on today's agenda: decorating. Since I just moved, my walls are looking a little bare and I am thinking they need a little love. I know it seems a little weird where I found my decoration inspiration but somehow it just works:

Michaela and I are both a little obsessed with Midnight in Paris, the new Woody Allen movie starring all my favorite actors and actresses (it even inspired the name of this blog). One of my favorite blogs Design Sponge recently did a post about the decor in the movie with some really spot on pictures and items.

The other half of my inspiration came from the coolest chick alive, Kate Moss. Maybe weird that I am using someone's wedding as inspiration for decorating my apartment but c'mon this girl can do no wrong. Seriously beautiful.

Stay tuned for pictures of the progress!




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