posted on: 8.14.2011

Okay fine, it's not Friday, but mentally I am still at happy hour.

You want to know why I like Friday so much? Two words: Casual Friday, or better known by me as "the one day a week I don't get blisters" (and that my friends is enough to TG about).

While the San Francisco Marketing Universe that I choose to spend 90% of my waking hours in is a far cry from corporate attire central, heels or dressy flats are still basically mandatory.... or they were until I made one Earth shattering discovery: GAP CITY FLATS.

These are the working fashionista's best friend. Literally as comfortable as wearing slippers, they come in tons of great colors and patterns, and they can even be folded and thrown in your bag. Now these are all great reasons to buy them, but pay close attention because I am about to tell you the best part: the price tag. These miracle work shoes come to a grand total of $39.95.

Oh yeah, RUN, don't walk to your closest Gap store ladies! (Or buy here)

I told you, cute no? And while you're there, you maaaaay want to check out these babies:

To. Die. For.




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