How to: Shabby Chic... the 6 step version

posted on: 9.10.2011

I really enjoy projects...and when I say projects I mean crafts, art, reorganizing you name it! I am also in LOVE with the Shabby Chic style of interior design... I have made a recent hobby out of refinishing old furniture, picture frames and now jewelry cases into that rustic white romantic look I adore so much. Here is my version of a simple "How To..." make something Shabby Chic.
1. Have something old with flair (preferably wood). In this case an old jewelry box. 

2. Sand the wood to free it of any glosses. 

3. Wipe-off all the dust and paint a base coat of white paint over the entire piece. You may need to do two coats, I did. It's up to you if you want to paint the insides, for me it's not worth the hassel. Also tape over or remove any areas you do not want painted.
I used this ready made kit from Michael's, but you can easily buy your own paint and tools. You will need the following: white water-base paint (egg shell works best), medium sand paper, finishing wax (optional),  a cloth for cleaning and a cloth for buffing, tape (if needed), a brush, and an optional aging top coat. You can also use a primer if you are doing a large piece of furniture and don't want to go crazy on the sanding.

4. Wait :(... Let your paint and primer dry for an hour depending on your type of paint and the size of the piece. Here I only had to wait an hour because the paint was quick dry. If you are painting a desk or dresser you will most likely have to let it dry for at least 24 hrs. 
5. Sand again aka distress! Lightly sand the entire object and roughly sand the edges, where distress would naturally occur. 

6. Add an aging top coat if you prefer, or just place on a finishing wax!

 ...and there you have it, a new Shabby Chic'd jewelry case!

 I loved it so much I did two. 

<3 Michaela


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