The Other One

posted on: 9.09.2011

It just occurred to me that you, our readers (do we even have readers?), don't really know what I look like. Perhaps if you're especially dense, you have also managed to miss my picture hanging out over on the right side of the page all together (if that's the case imagine me as Heidi Klum). While Michaela has been rockin' her sassy red lips all over this blog, I have managed to stay rather incognito. I assure you though, that will change soon. I am currently fighting a lovely bout of strep throat and haven't even been willing to show my face to my co-workers let alone the entire world wide web.

So this leads me to my main point- even though I have been unable to show off some of my recent purchases with my new, cute little SF block in the background, I have gotten to experience some very much needed R&R time. This has meant a lot of web surfing and the discovery of my new obsession: the Like Crazy trailer.

I. CAN'T. WAIT. for this movie to come out. Let me know what you guys think!

Preparing for my grand unveiling,



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