His Highness and Hangovers

posted on: 10.23.2011

Seeing as we're all adults here, I feel like it's alright to admit that I am violently hung over right now. At 5PM tonight I was finally able to pull myself from my bed and drag my behind to Crave for some headache calming mac 'n' cheese and a little blogging. Before you all judge my irresponsibility here, let me defend myself by saying we have been having gorgeous sunny weather in SF and Cal football had an awesome win over Utah yesterday. These rare occurrences cannot go uncelebrated. I close my case.

All that being said, this Sunday blogging has been delightful and I am going to try and do this more often. The hang over though I will try and do without.

On to the main point here - a new outfit post. I apologize for the crappy picture quality. I have been having camera troubles, but those will hopefully be sorted out by the next post. The outfit is from the day the Prince of Norway came into my office. I decided against all my best Kate Middleton attire and went for a pretty standard Monica workday outfit. Thank goodness our office dress code is loosening up. It makes for much better use of my extensive jean jacket collection.

This is the top I also wore to the Design*Sponge event. It's covered in cats. 
Mature I realize, but I really love it.

The gems.

Jacket- Gap, Tee and Scarf- Rubbish, Top- ?, Skirt- H&M, Boots- Steve Madden, Tights- bought in Rome, Bracelets- J.Crew and vintage, Rings- H&M and vintage




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