I dream of Disney

posted on: 10.31.2011

Jeans: Gap, Purse: Vintage D&B, Shoes: Chuck Taylor Converse, Sweater: Target, Rings: Suarti and Vintage, Sunglasses: Betsy Johnson

On Friday I went to DisneyLand with my good friend and fellow fashion blogger Allison, from Film Inspired Fashion. Thanks to Halloween weekend we were kicked out by 7, but still managed to score seats on some of Disneyland's best rides, such as the Haunted Mansion (my fav) and Indiana Jones. As I am sure most of you know Indiana Jones always has an insane wait, so we decided to partake in a mini photo-shoot while waiting in line. Notice my new hair?! I have redish roots, and I thought I'd never see the day. We also stopped in stopped in New Orleans Square where they have an amazing perfumery, who would have guessed? Anywho, as you can see I am far from decked out in my finest garb, but I will say that wearing my converse was the best fashion decision I could have made. And honestly, converse are cute... especially classic white. What did you all do for Halloween? I know Monica wore an adorable costume, yup Mon that was a post request.  

<3 Michaela


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