Seeing Spots

posted on: 12.06.2011

Lately my vision is blurred...both literally and figuratively. Could be the cold weather throwing me off, the teasing smell of Christmas trees reminding me my favorite holiday is just weeks away, but it is probably the fact that I spend too many hours at the computer. Thanks real world. I find these photos my friend Lara took a few weeks back to be just too fitting for my current mood. Oh ya, back to clothes- Shorts and books, a newly loved combo. It may not be the most flattering, but long hair don't care- I LIKE IT! 

Am I the only one feeling out of it this week? Perhaps. Maybe you can share some of your blogs with H&H...inspiring visual stimulation (aka fashion/art blogs) always brings me back to sanity :) 

<3 Michaela

Photos by: Lara Brucker


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