Broken Promises

posted on: 2.07.2012

When Michaela and I started this blog we came up with two rules:

1. No pictures of food. Frankly, you'd be appalled by our eating habits.
2. No mushy, gushy feelings stuff.

Why number 2? Well, simply put, this is a style blog, and for that reason, we believe it should be about fashion. We're firm believers in keeping private matters private, and honestly, putting ourselves out there on the internet and opening ourselves up to criticism on something as trivial as our outfit choices was really quite daunting enough. Making ourselves fully vulnerable by also admitting our flaws and frustrations was really more than either of us was willing to sign on for. It's a one step at a time kind of thing, you know?

Now that I have expressed the logic behind those sentiments (that I still whole-heartedly endorse), I am going to do a 180 on you guys and break rule number 2 because I have something very important to say. Are you following me here?

As I am coming up on my ninth full month of real-life (read: after the miracle that is college), I am coming to realize that the world is a very vast place. I know, I know, thank you Captain Obvious. But seriously, bare with me here - there are SO many possibilities. And yet, as we try on new hats and explore all the possible avenues, I think it becomes difficult, if not darn near impossible, not to sacrifice opinions, desires, and preferences to take advantage of all these opportunities. Maybe it wouldn't be quite fair if we didn't.

The way I see it then, becoming an adult, becoming successful by means of acquiescing and making these sacrifices requires that we don't always express ourselves. Because really, when you think about it, youth gives us freedom from that; when you're young you're afforded a carelessness that allows you to have an appetite for life that you can fully pursue. It's really when we reach adulthood and the realities of meeting our rent and paying our medical bills set in that we are no longer able to live as freely as we once could before.

Now please don't get carried away here. I am not making a revolutionary rant about "the man." Not even close. Actually I am getting to the happy part of the story: this little blog of ours. Over the past seven or so months that Michaela and I have been writing on here and sharing our outfits with you, I haven't lost my ability to express myself and I count that as an incredible blessing. And as I said before, I want to still express my opinions and more importantly, my gratitude.

So here's what I am trying to say: THANK YOU. Thank you for your sweet comments, your Lookbook hypes, your tweets, and ultimately caring about our thoughts, desires, and preferences. Never stop expressing yourselves :)




  1. Why doesn't this have any comments? ...

    I'll tell you this, I'm simply a danish girl who spents way too much time
    looking at beautiful girls (like you two) putting cool outfits together to
    show them off to the world and hereby eventually achieve that "fashionista
    -status" that seems to be very popular, nowadays ...

    Thing is, I'd think you two are too, only this blog right here makes you an
    exception and you just, to me, took the fashion-blogger-ness to the next level.
    Never have I seen or thought that a simple fashion-blog could have something
    so well written!
    I mean, I never thought I'd come to a fashion blog and end up having my
    passion for writing and words fed and satisfied like now.

    If my attempt to make any sense right now ended up in total disaster,
    I'll just say I'm very pleased to witness well-dressed AND super
    intelligent girls. I am woaw'd.

    I will now consider myself a follower of this blog ...
    Good day (:

  2. Thank you!

    I think a lot of people forget that with a blog, you also get a voice. It's been beneficial for me to test it out, and push the limits of my comfort zone. Although we usually stick to style posts, I think it's nice to connect to other fashionistas out there with similar interests and feelings beyond fashion. That's what this is all about, afterall, right? Connecting people based on similar interests?

    Glad you enjoy our posts. I hope you stop by again.