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posted on: 6.08.2012

Getting Wet This Summer – How To Buy Swimwear
Water is very much the hot topic at the moment. First we were told that there was going to be a drought and hosepipe bans were enforced across the country. No sooner had the words ‘hosepipe ban’ been mentioned than it started raining – and it has barely stopped since.
Get Wet Abroad
So, while we may be staring down the barrel of a summer drought, complete with standpipe queues and browning lawns, for a bit of light relief let’s think about another kind of water for a while.
Summer might mean droughts but it also means summer holidays – and that means beaches with blue seas and hotels with relaxing swimming pools.
It might be dry here, but for those few weeks you are away, water shortages will be the last thing on your mind. With all this thought of summer swimming comes the realization that you haven’t seen your swimming costume for a while. In fact, are you even sure where it is? You might get lucky and it might still be usable but there’s never any harm in getting a new one, is there?

How to Get the Right Swimwear

Getting the right swim suit isn’t as easy as just picking up the first one you see. You need to get one that flatters your body shape.
Think about whether you want to go for a two-piece or one-piece. What colors work best for your tone? What are you actually going to use your swimwear for? Is it purely a style statement as you lie on the beach or are you going to be doing some serious swimming? There's a lot to think about when it comes to swimwear.
Going to the shops to buy swimwear is never a fun experience but thankfully, this is the modern world and online shopping means you can buy from the comfort of your own home, without having to feel embarrassed or self-conscious in the shop.

It also means the choice is huge, so you’ll be sure to find the right swimwear to enjoy this summer.

Need help picking the right one? Here are some of our favorites form ISME.com...

1. Iron Fist Floral Bikini
2. Panache Page Bikini

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