A New Year

posted on: 7.19.2012

Believe it or not, H&H just had her 1st birthday!  When we created her, she was simply a fun thing on the side that landed in approximately 12th place in our list of priorities. In our defense, we had just graduated college and were more concerned with accomplishing tasks such as getting jobs and paying the bills; basically we needed to learn how to be real people. (Not to mention we went from living across the hall, to being separated by 382 long miles.)

After a year of a more or less unfulfilling existence we finally asked ourselves; Monica-Michaela why are you trying to be “real people” with normal jobs and normal goals when being normal isn’t you at all? This self-discovery also helped us realize that H&H has remained our constant interest and passion. Our creative outlet you might say.

Ultimately, we decided to take this blogging thing seriously. No more spreading posts out so far that you forget about us. That makes us sad. No more lame platform or introverted approach to blogging. We need more friends that get us…Rumi Neely want to meet up? Get ready world, this is a new Hemingway and Handbags.

So without further adieu, may we present our new and improved blog! Take us seriously yet? If not just look below, a picture speaks 1000 words. :)

Monica and Michaela

PS: We do not normally dress like this, it was a theme party, give us a break.


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