Channeling Toto

posted on: 8.08.2012

Shoes & Shades: Aldo, Skirt: H&M, Top: Zara, Bracelets: Hurley, Banana Republic

When I say Toto I really mean Dorothy, it's just that Toto is the best character from The Wizard of OZ and he deserves the spotlight. RIP furry friend. Are you completely lost? What I am talking about is my red shoes and sky blue top, Hello! Sooo Dorothian.

What this all comes down to is the fact that I am super stoked on my red pumps. These past few years I suffered a minor case of depression when 'le fashion world' solely supported the rounded toe platform pump à la Kim Kardashian. Bleh. I could say much worse on this subject but I will leave it at that-Bleh.

But fear not fashion lovers, it is a new age, almost a new season, and we no longer have to imagine our feet in one type of Louboutins. Dorothy and her timeless red slippers would be proud.

On another note I did not touch the gross wall; as you can see Beverly Hills has some wild terrain. And with that I leave you the classic double gun...assuming you did it first.


  1. Super cute outfit! Love the skirt and the top together. And those pumps, TOO DIE FOR! LOVEEEE EM'!!! :)


  2. Cute stuff! Love your ankle tat!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  3. I really like this outfit, so simpple and classy! You're so pretty! The burst of colour on the shoes is just perfect. Have a peek at my new blog, you might like what you see : )