Photo Diary: The River

posted on: 8.28.2012

Photos: Me and Erik
Last week Erik and I traveled a few hundred miles to enjoy 3 days at "The River." Growing up in San Diego "The River" was something most people had experienced at some point in their lives, thus I found it strange when everyone I talked to about this trip in the nearby city of Los Angeles (my current habitat) responded by saying, "What river?" I was shocked. What do they mean "what river," hasn't everyone from California spent a weekend at the River? Apparently not.
So for all of you out there reading this and thinking their question makes more sense than my reaction, I will better explain. We drove to  the boarder of California and Arizona which is, you guessed it, the Colorado River. The reason: to engage in a variety of water sports: water skiing, wake boarding (my favorite), and the brutal, but oh so fun, tubing. It was 115 degrees F, so you can see why my photo diary shows only pictures of well... being on/in the water. 
Now don't worry ladies and gents, fashion will come from this. I forced the boyfriend to partake in a desert photo shoot, which I will reveal on my next post. A shoot in that heat, now that's committment.


  1. I'd love to try that one day!!! It looks like so much fun :D xx

  2. looks like a great place!