Fashion Week Favorites Round 2: Monica's Picks

posted on: 10.03.2012

I thought Paris deserved its own full post since its my favorite fashion week. Being behind and trying to cram 3 fashion weeks into one post had absolutely everything nothing to do with the last explosion of runway pictures.

Anyway, one week later and I think I have come up with a more efficient way to do this...

Chloe: It may be redundant to say, but this collection was so Parisian. Pretty, classic silouettes with a modern twist. Definitely my favorite collection of the whole season.

Balmain: Every season I am blown away by what Balmain can make into wearable clothing. Completely novel and well constructed. 

Isabel Marant: Isabel Marant is always a PFW staple for me. As a girl who grew up on the beach, how could I not love a Hawaiian themed collection. Oh, and weirdly, also a big fan of the chokers.

Loewe: I want this whole collection in my closet immediately. Probably the most wearable of my favorites.

Saint Laurent: Although not the critics' favorite, I still liked it. It still had a classic YSL feel, but brought a little edge from the new designer.

Chanel: It's Chanel... and Paris Fashion Week... no other explanation of perfection needed.




  1. Chloe is hands down my favorite, I want to wear all of that.

    The Wearist


  2. Very interesting post!