Photo Diary: Labadee, Haiti

posted on: 10.08.2012

I'm back! I missed you all, but 8 days of relaxation in paradise was much needed. Prepare yourselves for probably too many pictures. You can't blame me for needing to photograph everything when everything was, and still is, picture perfect- pun intended. 

Aside from cruising for 3 days, our trip consisted of four stops: Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel- each was wonderful. Since I lack a favorite, I will post chronologically beginning with our first stop, Labadee. I think I may just ditch LA and move into a cabana on the beach. 

Pictures 1-6: Barefoot Beach and shopping, Pictures 7-10: Views of Haiti (day and night) from my balcony

Tomorrow, Formal Night. Be warned, a sock bun may make an appearance. 



  1. Hello, paradise! How lucky were you! Thank you for sharing such pretty scenery!