'Christmas Red'

posted on: 12.20.2012

Sweater and Tote: c/o nowistyle, Jeans: Gap, Heels: Aldo, Jewelry: Vintage

Hey guys and gals. In case you didn't know, Christmas is coming! (My poor boyfriend has heard this phrase at least once everyday since the day after Halloween). With that said, please admire my Christmas Red sweater and gold accessories. I'm not sure 'Christmas Red' is an official Crayola color, but I think most people would agree with me here. I mean, what better way to describe such a bright and cheery hue?
As for the gold... well I rarely wear it but I think we can all agree gold is more Christmas-y than silver.
What this all comes down to is, I am super excited about this holiday, and am reaching to find a way to connect it with my otherwise normal look post.
PS: Did you notice I cut my hair!? First time in a year, gross.


  1. cute outfit!


  2. That sweater is perfect for Christmas! Especially with the gold accessories. Love your haircut too! It looks great.

    <3 Josephine

  3. Love the red sweater! I think I'll use that color on one of my Hawaiian Shirts.


    PB Mike


  4. Nice article. This is so much more than I needed! But will all come in use thanks!
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