behind the scenes: ManEater photo shoot

posted on: 1.09.2013

A few weeks ago the lovely gents of ManEater Clothing invited H&H to check out their final fall/winter shoot for 2012 and my oh my was it fun. Music was blasting models were dancing I was snooping (through the clothing that is). In total: great time, great clothes, and great people. 
 ^I loved this hat. I had to try it on, and couldn't help but to add some awkward sass. Get it HERE^
 ^The awesome style team.^
 ^Erik insisted on taking a 'myspace mirror pic'... well, maybe that's not exactly how the story went.^
 ^Last but not least, The Dream Team- the geniuses behind ManEater. H&H World, say hello to Frank and Luis! ^

 You can find all these great new items and more HERE.

Thanks guys!