My Dancing Pants

posted on: 1.11.2013

Here's the thing, unlike most bloggers and all models, I am not a twig. My Mother always told me that I have an athletic body, which isn't completely random, I mean, I played soccer most of my life and was a serious cheerleader. Yet, as much as I loved/love those sports (yes, cheerleading is a sport) I would be lying to say I didn't sometimes wish I had the body of maybe, a ballerina? I've continuously hoped for the legs of a dancer not so I could bend my body in half, but so I could wear literally whatever I wanted including but not limited to; cigarette skinnies, white jeans, in fact all bright colored pants, loose tanks, flats with dresses, etc. I may love fashion, but I love feeling confident a bit more, thus I make it a point to dress around my body-type.

But then it happened... I bought colored jeans. They may not fool the eye like my collection of black pants, but they don't make me cringe at the mirror either. In fact, I not only bought them, wore them, but BLOGGED that's confidence. Maybe one spring day you'll see me rocking white skinnies with flats. Ha, ya right! However, tan stretchies and loafters, I can sport that :).

Pants and Leopard Loafers: Urban Outfitters, Tote: c/o nowistyle, Sweater: Target, Belt and Jewelry: Vintage

Happy Weekend!



  1. love the pants and the bag!great outfit!!!

  2. Cool look!

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  3. i love this post for a number of reasons. i am new to the blogging world and while i think it is an excellent outlet for creative expression, it does also present a ton of opportunities to expose, over expose or shy away from presenting your true self with confidence. it is very daunting to try a new look in your day to day life, but quite another to share it without restriction on the internet. i wish i could wear colored skinnies with hip lengthed blousy tops and appear slight, and maybe i will, but i would have to try it first. totally into your bravery.


  4. You are absolutely gorgeous! Loving these photos, and your outfit!
    xo TJ

  5. Lookin' great, doll! Very flattering and versatile color. And PS, you have nothing to worry about with your legs!