really me

posted on: 3.25.2013

Bag: c/o Nowistyle, Shirt: c/o Nowistyle, Jeans: Gap, Sandals: Zara (Old)
Ready for a weighted statement? -This is one of my favorite H&H posts thus far.- No, not because the photos are particularly amazing, or because I'm in some cool distant location (these pics were taken in my alleyway), it's because I feel this look is really 'me'.
This is not to say all other look posts by me are phony, it's just that there is something about a striped-tee and jeans that really gets me going. My mom calls it, "my french sailor look." Weird I know, but she has a point. I am a bit of a francophile, thanks to my late french grandma, and I love all things nautical. I mean my wedding is nautical themed, obsessed much? But this shirt is more than than two fetishes in one. It's a baseball shirt. Baseball is not only my family's favorite sport, but in a way the top embodies my inner sporty-side (not spice). Ask my family and friends, I am extremely athletically competitive. Final point on my shirt: it's black, the dominating color in my closet, need I say more?
T-shirt aside, let us not forget the beautiful simplicity of my bag and favorite heels, even if they are 2 seasons old. I love them and I have the stains to prove it.
Bottom line here is, I didn't have to think about this outfit. I put on things I loved and therefore loved how I looked. So maybe that's the key to dressing, not wearing what's necessarily fashion forward or super sexy, but what's really you. I'm sure most of you had this epiphany when you were four and wearing tutu's with cowboy boots, I guess I'm just a late bloomer.
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!


  1. love your shoes and bag! and the striped shirt is very chic!

  2. Okay, seriously could you get any cuter? And I am absolutely obsessed with that bag! I want!!!
    xo TJ

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