LBD 2.0

posted on: 4.17.2013

Dress and Purse: c/o nowistyle, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman (old, similar here), Lips: Mac- Russian Red
I realize the juxtaposition of two highly contrasted entities (my dress and that fence) may be forcing your eyes to slowly cross. This was not my intention, but I can't say the same for my photographer. Erik- I see what you did here, my head hurts now, thanks.
If possible, adjust your eyes for a moment and focus on this dress alone. I think you will see that it is in fact, easy on the eyes. (And on the body I might add.) Let's just say I had rolled tacos before this shoot, and you had nooooooo idea.
Point is, when choosing to add to your LBD collection I suggest you do three things: 1. Say NO to the LBD you already have in three different versions. Get out of the (LBD) box ladies! 2. Say YES to patterns! I prefer stripes or spots. 3. Let that belly go, opt for a dress with some movement. Just because it's little and black doesn't mean it needs to be tight!


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  2. Such a cute dress, and I love the heels!

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