A Drawing: Capturing Home

posted on: 10.30.2013

11''x14'', oil pastel on paper, 12/20/12

I have never considered myself an artist, in fact I even have a hard time describing my paintings and drawings as art themselves. Both terms are relative, and I think often taken too lightly. There are endless inconsistencies regarding the definition of art and its creator. We are all aware of the hot topic, "what is art?" Some go so far to say we are all artists and that everything is art. Others approach the title  of 'artist' like a profession. A third option is to define an artist as a kind of aesthetic genius. It is that grey area in between that makes me uneasy, and is, of course, precisely where I fall. So when people ask me if I am an artist I typically respond with, "I like to draw" or "I am a painter." I was an art history major, have taken art courses since grade school, and currently work in the art field. Art is clearly my true passion, and so take my place in this world quite seriously.

Now don't worry, I will not continue to discuss art theory, art history, or my insecurities as a painter today, I simply want to premise all my future 'art' posts with the following: I do not yet consider myself an artist... but I hope to one day! In the meantime, I plan to share with you my paintings, drawings, and doodles.

Above you will find a drawing I did in 2012 of a sunset at Mission Bay near my parent's house. I was raised along this bay, and there is no where in the world that feels more home to me. (I even had my wedding reception at this location.) What I hope you take from the image above is the beauty that is my home and the peacefulness and awe I experience every time I walk along the shoreline and witness a sunset.