Forget the dress...

posted on: 11.05.2013

Shoes: Alexandre Birman, Sweater: c/o nowistyle, Top: Gap, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Shorts: Furst of a Kind x LF

I took these photos before I fully embraced my current approach to styling, or lack there of. But how amazing are those heels?

You should know they are my wedding shoes and man oh man is there a story to go along with them. Lucky you, I will save that shoe saga for another day. I will say that I knew I would wear these babies again and that fact helped justify their price tag. Truthfully I needed no justification, this pretext was for Erik's peace of mind. Now how to convince him that designer shoes are an invaluable Christmas gift?


  1. This is too perfect! I'm always a fan of stripes, you look gorgeous girl! And yes, those shoes are fabulous!!! I'm curious to hear this story!
    xo TJ

  2. They are gorgeous and I'm not a shoe junkie, but for ecco and uggs...Can't wait to hear the wedding shoe story. Hope to see more pics of wedding. :)