iPhone Imagery: wk/1

posted on: 11.06.2013

The beautiful lagoon near my day job.
My Best Friend.
Sunset from our apartment.
Roses I bought myself, in the vase my dear friend Erin gave Erik and I for our wedding gift.
Friend or foe?
Our honeymoon in Cancun.
Bocalli Farm's Pumpkin Patch.
The love of my life, Noah.
A hike with my lovely Aunt Sonja at Ahmanson Ranch.

I often envy those super cool people who go everywhere with their ├╝ber fancy DSLRs. You know, the ones who are obsessed with candid documentation and turn an ordinary day picture into National Geographic worthy imagery. I equally envy the significant other of these persons. I mean, wouldn't it be great to have him or her ready, if not eager, to take your picture on a great hair day? Let's all gag at the vanity of the previous statement. Done? OK moving on...

Well our camera is 5 years old, Erik and I always argue over who has to carry it, and he won't take my picture unless I ask him to. But thank Jobs for the iPhone! So I've decided to start a weekly post highlighting my attempts to make it in National G. Kidding. There are just too many photos in my phone that get little attention (unless you follow my instagram), and I figured this blog was the perfect place to spotlight my favorites. Now what to call this series...


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