posted on: 11.21.2013

Top and Pants: c/o Nowistyle

I loved me some midriffs during high school when Abercrombie tops and Juicy Couture track suites were all the rage. However, now I struggle with this crop top trend. Not because I dislike the look, but because somewhere between 15 and 24 I became fairly conservative when it came to daily attire. How could I wear these things without feeling like everyone's thoughts entailed, "Chick-put some clothes on"?

I tell you how, cover everything else!

I hope to adopt a feeling of YOLO or DGAF while C.T.s continue to flood my favorite stores, while fashiontoast reveals her newest rendition of bare tummy meets leather mini-skirt, and Topshop teases me with yet another furry light blue sweater that rests right below the belly-button. Until this moment occurs I will continue to live in the thought of my glory days, the days when my thong made a regular appearance and the tan on my stomach resembled a horizon line.


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