An Illustration: XO FINN

posted on: 12.17.2013

While at Berkeley I met many wonderful, inspiring, seriously cool people. A perfect example is my friend Steph.

Senior year I chose to better explore my Irish heritage by taking a Celtic Studies course. The class was small and full of CS majors/minor, except for myself and this one girl who really knew how to accessorize. I noted a gold hand-piece of hers, before hand-pieces were even 'a thing', and then determined she was "seriously cool." We bonded over our status as Celtic Studies outcasts, yet in truth we were outliers by our own accord. In other words, we were the only students both often late and absent. Give us a break, it was senior year.

Fast forward to 2012, and I find Steph's blog online- thanks Facebook. Who knew she was an incredibly talented artist?! Mind you, an art history grad is writing here, aka certified art snob, so my opinion is legit (insert emotive acronym of your choice here). Her faint and loose penciled lines create these sweet but eerie creatures, which evoke a fantastic sense of wistfulness that I had once thought only Edvard Munch, William Blake or even Tim Burton could create... ya BIG names. Do yourself a favor and check out her artwork at, you may be so inclined to begin your own art collection as I did by purchasing this guy.

Finn- An rud is annamh is iontach. Basically, your art is a rare gem, congrats!


  1. Obsessed with those ballerina sketches. Gorgeous :)
    xo TJ