Burr Legs

posted on: 12.04.2013

Jacket: Gap (old, similar here), Skirt: c/o Nowistyle, Shoes: Converse

When inhabiting a city that remains roughly 70 degrees year round, one must get creative with season shifts. See exhibit A, a skirt in Fall.

Ignoring this week entirely, since it's been a chilly 60 degrees, I am constantly struggling with SoCal's infamous in-between weather.  And so, I've decided to push the boundaries of layering. Usually, I play it safe by wearing jeans, a T-Shirt, and a light jacket; but above, I put on a mini-skirt. Whoa, making moves Michaela.

I've realized, probably 24 years too late, that the majority of my warmth is hidden in my upper body, therefore I can get away with bare legs this time of year. What's even more exciting is that my look doesn't elicit solely summer wear. The skirt is navy, my shoes are closed-toed, I am keeping warm with this jacket, oh, and dark red lips are on my face. BAM. If this doesn't look scream fall in Santa Barbara, I do not know what does.

How about all my other warm weather dwellers out there, spill the deets on YOUR a/w fashion secrets.


  1. Love the last photo. Windswept hair! xx


  2. ALL of the pix are gorgeous! WOW


  3. ah gorgeous seaside shots. i love the ocean and a there's nothing better than a sea breeze in my hair. +

    love, linda


  4. Great outfit! The skirt provides such an interesting look!

    xo, Ashleigh @ Fashion in Flight