iPhone Imagery: Bad Blogger

posted on: 12.30.2013

I am a bad blogger... I spent my Christmas vacation with my family and not once did I bust out my laptop or DSLR, sue me. I took full advantage of some much needed family time, and so only captured a few photos with my iPhone. (I need to better master multi-tasking.)

Photo 1: Please admire my family's beautiful pug, Noah. Gosh I love him.
Photo 2: Yes, Bear came too! It was our first married Christmas, serious stuff.
Photo 3: The adorable Christmas Tree at Mission Bay near my parent's house. Christmas in San Diego is the best!
Photo 4: My beloved Crystal Pier. Every trip home I make sure to walk across its old wooden planks. (Also, note another finely placed Christmas Tree.)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with lots of love!


  1. You look like Lauren Conrad in the picture

  2. Ah, Christmas in San Diego!? So jealous. Loving the tree on the beach - very whimsical.

    Happy New Year, Michaela!
    xx. Jillian