My Wedding: Say yes to the...Shoes!

posted on: 12.11.2013

When it came to wedding dress shopping I was surprisingly unenthused. After my first experience I knew my dream dress (this one) was far out of my price range, and that whatever I ended up with would be great, but never ideal. Now this isn't a sad story, I loved my dress, but I was never a dress girl to begin with. What I was/am is a shoe girl, through and through. In this section of my wedding, I refused to settle for anything less than perfect... and boy oh boy did I have requirements.

I absolutely wanted navy shoes, no if ands or buts. I also required ankle strapped sandals that were most definitely designer, because well, you only get married once. And finally, they needed be different, another bride might have had my dress but she wasn't going to have my shoes. 

I searched and searched until finally Neiman Marcus had the PERFECT, IDEAL, most BEAUTIFUL pair of Alexandre Birman's I had ever seen. These were my shoes. This was the moment on "Say Yes to the Dress," where the girl cries and says well, Yes!  There was one minor issue, actually two. First, they were a steep $675 and secondly, apparently python is illegal to ship to California, and California only. Therefore they would not ship me the shoes even if I was willing to pay the price. And so I sighed, and maybe cried. It was an emotional time, no judgement please. 

Fast forward a few months and my shoes drop to $450! I figured I could ship them to my MOH in DC, but then I realized my size had sold out. Defeated again.

In July, two weeks before Erik and I moved to Santa Barbara, I was online shopping at work (oops) and noticed my shoes on sale again! This time for $350, and better yet- in my size! I immediately told my girlfriend/coworker the news and we agreed, it was fate. Simultaneously, another coworker of ours walked by and said, "Hey, let's just ship them to our New York office then inter-office the box to LA." This was music to my ears, I would get my dream shoes. 

On my very last day of work in LA, the heavens aligned and my shoes arrived on my desk that morning. Destiny is destiny, and me and those Birmans were meant to be. 

After all of that, this is about as much face time as the shoes got. Oh the irony. 
Now onto the rest of my look....
The dress was actually quite wonderful. I wore my hair down for the ceremony to better fit my veil, and for the reception my hair went up so that I could do what I do best- dance.  Ha! My hair piece is quite special to me, it was my grandmother's and my something old. She died over a year ago and I wanted a little piece of her with me. Lastly, my jewels. They were a mix-mash. The necklace was something borrowed from one of my best friends, the earrings-a gift from my mother-in-law, and some of my own goodies for bracelets. 

How is that for a wedding (shoe) saga? Congrats for making it to the end! Come on, what else would you expect from a amateur fashion blogger with a habit of rambling?


  1. You look gorgeous! And the shoes were totally meant to be! :)

  2. These pictures just make me so happy! And I definitely am loving those shoes!!!!
    xo TJ