An Overall Anecdote

posted on: 1.13.2014

Overalls: Urban Outfitters, Blouse: Nasty Gal, Sandals: Zara, Purse: c/o Nowistyle (similar here)

My mother took me shopping before Christmas to look for a NYE outfit, and to perhaps spoil me a little while the boys (i.e. my father and husband) were working. We mosied on over to Urban Outfitters and in no time I spotted the most ideal pair of overalls I had ever seen. Forget NYE glitter and glam, I was all about the denim and sag. Poor word choice there, apologies. 

I presented to my mom this clothing item I refused to part with and she responded with the following, "I am warning you Geeg (don't ask), you will live in these overalls. Don't go there... for your husband." The woman was talking from experience. I mean I have many a memory with my sweet momma and her denim onesie, but did her bit of advice stop me, scare me even? No. Because like I said before, "these were the most ideal pair of overalls I had ever seen." 

Luckily, my husband does not dislike these disfiguring pants. On the contrary, he enjoys grabbing my straps and restricting me from walking forward like a toddler on a leash. 

See mom, everyone wins with overalls.


  1. oh what a cute look! the bag and hair are fab
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  2. Okay, you are quickly becoming my favorite! You are rocking these overalls like no bodies business! Love!!!!
    xo TJ

  3. Bringing back overalls! Adorable. xx. Jillian

  4. umm you are a CUTIE. and your husband's habit of grabbing the it!

    the well-traveled wife ♥

  5. I recently just bought overalls and I'm obsessed, they're so fun! It's all I can do not to wear them every day! I love the loose fit of these and the contrast with the delicately detailed shirt, so cute!

  6. I'm actually wearing a pair of overalls today too! I love them, so comfy and easy to style :) your's are great and i think your mom is right, you'll be wearing them all the time!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace