Looking Forward

posted on: 1.20.2014

Before January runs out of time I thought I'd take a moment to list my 2014 resolutions/bucket list items. To do this properly I have included a photo of myself looking into white light with a pensive expression as if peering into the bright future that is 2014. That right there was pure cheesiness and deserves a virtual high-five, thank you.

But seriously, I am telling you these little goals like it or not. Here goes nothin':

1. Run a 10K and a Half Marathon
2. Start surfing again
3. Take better care of my body by:
  • Going to the doctors when needed (I hate needles)
  • Taking care of my skin (I guess I should start wearing sunscreen)
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Eat well and take my vitamins (Don't worry, this does not imply crash diets)
4. Visit at least 2 places I have never been before
5. Paint or draw at least once a week

And guess what people, I've already begun the first steps on 1,2,3 and 5. How about a second high-five?! What are some of your resolutions and/or 'must do's'? I am looking to add 6-10 and could use some inspiration. 


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