posted on: 1.05.2014

A few Sundays ago Erik and I spent the morning at the Santa Barbara Zoo. The park was empty and all the animals were out and ready for their close-ups. We walked, I photographed, did a few gibbon impressions, then called it a day.

Later in the month, I decided to finally watch BlackFish on Netflix. As an animal lover and, more specifically, a dolphin fanatic I prepared myself for a few tears and then attempted to justify Seaworld's existence with thoughts such as: "the animals were born there" or "these parks serve as educational resources." After watching the heart-wrenching documentary I learned that my initial feelings might be valid (in some cases), but that keeping these parks active was and is not worth the price these animals have to pay.

In looking at my pictures from that day at the zoo I saw the animals through a different lens. There is an irrefutable sadness in each creatures' eyes. And so, if the least I can do is to share with my readers the link to the video's webpage and the new light I saw these beautiful animals in, then by golly I'll do it.

Click here and here to learn more about BlackFish and animals in captivity.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I recently watched Blackfish as well. I agree, it's hard to see parks and zoo's in the same light after watching, just heartbreaking :(