School Girl

posted on: 1.08.2014

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I must be overly nostalgic these days because this whole knee sock à la Cher Horowitz thing is really sticking with me. Everywhere I go I see another tween decked out in Brandy Melville with twiggy legs covered in knee socks, Doc Martins, all the while sporting an especially trendy back-pack. And you know what I think when I see these girls? "Ugh, why can't I be you?" Pathetic right? Am I already to that point in maturity where one envies the youth? Terrifying. 

This green eyed monster I like to call my jealous self must be the spawn of my inevitable quarter-life crisis. My 25th birthday is in less than a month and is currently hovering over me like a dark cloud. 25 sounds old. Moue. 

Luckily, I am an optimist and my sorrows only come in spurts of 30 minutes, so watch out Brandy Babes. I was watching Clueless when you were merely tots. Us 20-somethings are the trendsetters, and we can wear knee socks too. How about that for an emotional rebound? 25 come and get me! 


  1. Oh Clueless...le sigh, how can anyone not be nostalgic for those days? And don't worry you're not alone in quarter life crisis / youth envy. Although I am a little older than you...ya bitch :)


  2. I too felt the sorrow of *maybe* not being able to wear knee socks...thanks for the inspiration ;)

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  4. Yes! It totally remind me of clueless too! And I seriously love the look of it!
    Kat |