D-Land for the B-Day

posted on: 2.05.2014

On Friday afternoon I chatted with a co-worker about my birthday plans. I explained to her that I'd most likely watch the Super Bowl and you know, chillax. She asked if I was getting anything special I said, "new yoga pants" with enthusiasm. While justifying the price of a pair of Lulus I realized my birthday was on the verge of becoming incredibly boring. But then it hit me...Disneyland! I immediately G-Chatted the guy and re-negotiated my yoga pants for Disneyland tickets, and just like that it was settled. So long boring 25, hello my imaginative and energetic 7-year-old self, pigtails and all. 

I could write a detailed narrative about this fine Saturday, but instead I am choosing to provide you with a list of my favorite things at Disneyland. Take notes, this is important. 

-The Haunted Mansion, is and always will be my favorite ride. 
- All the rides that come in a close second: Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Thunder Mountain.
-Gibson Girl Ice-cream Parlor.
-Main Street in general.
-The never-ending background tunes from my favorite movies.
-My third favorites: It's a Small World, Jungle Cruise, The Tiki Room, and Peter Pan's Flight.
-Not one crying baby. Actually one but that's not bad for exploring the park for 8+ hours. In other words, all the smiling faces!
-New Orleans Square
-My "Birthday Button" and all the "Happy Birthday's" that came with it.

Gahhh I love Disneyland! (and lists)


  1. great blog,<3i love disneyland too,
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  2. ahh, so fun! i love disneyland :) and you took some great pics while there!

    xo brie

  3. The Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean are definitely my favorite rides at Disneyland! What a perfect way to celebrate the big 2-5! Happy Birthday girl!!!
    xo TJ


  4. Aw, you're so beautiful! And you can really pull of boyfriend jeans so well! xx

    <(") Hoda
    JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird