The Dream Jean

posted on: 2.24.2014

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If there was one trend put on this earth for my amusement it would be distressed boyfriend jeans. Gah I love LOVE baggy denim, the bigger the pants the skinnier I feel! Call me vain, I deserve it, but I stand by my proclamation. There are few things worse in my shopping book than trying on pants and discovering that they're too small. Boyfriend jeans have not once sent me back for a bigger size, and for this I love them so.  

Now onto my adoration of holes.

A. I get to show a little leg, scandalous. 
B. They are practically impossible to ruin, the more rips the better and I am a serious spaz. 
C. Because I'll take any chance to look acceptably disheveled. 

And there you have it, I rest my case for the dream jean. Oh I almost forgot to mention that you don't need to spend +$200 for a good pair of BFs, check out these (1 and 2) super affordable options!


  1. Love the fact that you can't ruin them. We are one in the same girl. Loving these ;)
    xo TJ