A Photograph: Laura Plageman

posted on: 3.13.2014

All images via Juxtapoz Magazine

I tend to struggle with contemporary photography and its role in the art world. Don't get me wrong there are a many talented photographers that create beautiful and meaningful images. However, with today's photo-editing software almost anything is possible and in that I find myself bored with the typical photoshop magic trick. You know, turning a model into a mermaid, making a person float mid-air, or hyper-editing facial wrinkles? So when I saw the work of Laura Plageman and her innovative approach to photography my faith in the art form was immediately revitalized.

Plageman's most recent project "Response" attempts to challenge the idea of space, both in nature and in two dimensional images. Photography is innately an art form based on documentation and with that a certain sense of veracity is implied within each picture.  Plageman produces the allusion of three dimensionality and spacial warping by photographing a natural landscape and then manipulating the printed photo so that light and shadow challenge depth and perspective. She then rephotographs the picture reintroducing two-dimensional documentation. Thus, by creating a new version of space in capturing reality (without the overuse of digital software) Plageman achieves that of what the C├ęzanne and Picasso did with painting- spacial reconstruction. In this I my mind is quite not literally blown.  Thanks Laura, what you've done here reminds me of what it is I love about art.


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  2. I love this new approach to photography! Stunning! :)
    xo TJ


  3. I can understand what you mean. When I was younger I’d spend hours trawling through deviant art to find photoshopped images because back then they were a thing only someone with a lot of photoshop experience could master. Now though, everyone seems to know how to utilise digital manipulation programs so it’s not so elusive now but these photos are different. Their simplicity gives a kind of wonder as if the surreal looking landscape could be real. Thank you for sharing these images, they are truly beautiful.

  4. Lovely images. Digital editing has it's upsides and downsides, and this work definitely reflects the former.

    x E


  5. such stunning images, thanks so much for sharing!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra
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