on the fence

posted on: 3.24.2014

on the fence

Oh mules and two strap sandals (more specifically Birkenstocks), I can't get you out of my mind, but equally so you terrify me. Nearly everyday for the past couple of weeks I have gone so far as to arrive at the check out page on multiple websites with both black Birkenstocks and heeled mules, but each time I have chickened out. At first I think, "Michaela, just do it. What's another $100?" then I tell myself, "Nah, they are too trendy. Invest your hard earned dinero on something more classic and versatile." Since when did I become such a sensible shopper? Who knows the exact date, but somewhere between 23 and 25. Apologies,  I have gotten off track. In all honesty, I find both to be rather silly shoes, especially the style that begins with a B. So if my brain tells me these shoes are trends that will lead short lives, why do I secretly desire them so? Glad you asked.

In regards to the sandal, my goodness do they look comfortable, and I like how they look paired with jeans :).

As for mules, they are the bootie of the summer! Duh. 

In conclusion, nothing is concluded. Only impulsion and tax returns will determine the fate of my feet. Stay tuned...


  1. I think mules are a must have for the spring/summer - I'm hoping to invest in some soon!


  2. Not a huge fan of Birkenstocks, but I do love mules!

    x. jill
    beck daily

  3. I feel you girl. I have considered the trend a few times, but then realized that it means I'll be buying a pair of Birkenstocks (which makes me feel like I'm selling my fashion soul to Satan). Have the same problem with Jessica Simpson shoes LOL.

    I do love some of the mules on the list. Just cant bring myself to do Birkenstocks...

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    1. Ha! This made me laugh out loud, thanks for the chuckle.


  4. love mules heels!! I think I might just grab a pair soon!<3