Art Crush

posted on: 5.22.2014

I have been meaning to update you on my current art favs. (See my earlier posts here and here). So, above please find some pretty spectacular paintings by those art crushes of mine.

*Listed clockwise starting with the top left.

1. Mark Ryden, the king of Pop Surrealism.
Image: Mark Ryden, Virgin and Child (#93), oil on canvas, 2010.

2. Camille Rose Garcia, the woman who made Disney 10 x cooler.
Image: Camille Rose Garcia, Snow White and the Black Lagoon, 2011. Michael Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles.

3. Miss Van, a french feminist graffiti artist, talk about a triple whammy.
Image: Miss Van, Serie Still a Little Magic.

4. Jen Mann, a young artist who takes portraiture to the next level through rosy hues.
Image: Jen Mann, Rainbow, 40'' x 42'', oil on canvas, 2013. 

Thoughts on these artists, or even these posts? Any type of art and/or artists you love? Lastly...Happy Friday!