ashes to ashes

posted on: 5.17.2014

These photos have been sitting on my desktop for quite some time, fall to be exact. I wasn't quite sure when to post them or if I should even post them at all. If you can't tell the place was pretty lifeless. Erik and our friends that I mentioned in this post decided to spend the day picnicking in the Santa Barbara hills. We drove to a spot that we remembered had rolling green pastures and a small but lovely creek. Unfortunately, a fire some summer ago got to this special location. We made the best of it, laid down our blankets and enjoyed some cheese and wine. The weather was still perfect and the oak trees still rustled in the wind.

In witnessing my sweet home town of San Diego battle the insane fires that are still burning today, I couldn't help but think of this day. My prayers are with each and every San Diegan affected by those awful flames. But I will say that having grown up in this city I have seen many fires come through and terrorize. America's Finest City will recover. The fires will burn out, the ash will make new soil, and in time wounds will heal. Eventually people will look past the blackened shrubbery, throw down a blanket, and enjoy that sweet Californian sunshine all the same.


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