Open Road Essentials

posted on: 6.09.2014

Today I am at home sick, glued to the couch and watching Food Network. On the bright side Barefoot Contessa is on. She has the prettiest garden and makes some b-e-a-utiful dishes.While lusting after Ina Garten's spotless abode in the Hamptons I cannot help but to fantasize about taking a cross country road trip. Although I hate flying, I much adore hitting the open road (despite this post). And so, after some inspiration from RelayRides I thought it would be fun to share with you all my road trip essentials.

1. A pillow, the softer the better.
2. A large bottle of water. (I take several potty breaks. TMI? Sorry.)
4. Flip flops or Uggs in the winter. I am all about comfort in the car.
5. Music, although Erik prefers talk radio- my travel nemesis.
6. Chapstick, Burt's is my go to, but this stuff looks pretty great.
7. A camera, obviously. Still working on convincing Erik this purchase is practical.
8. A sweatshirt with a zipper. I've realized pull-overs don't mesh well with seat belts.

How about you all, any big trips this summer? If so, what can't you live without while road-tripping?


  1. Oh noooo! I hope you feel better!! But food network is sure to work its magic and help just a little :)


  2. yes definitely all about comfort on a road trip! UGGs, sweatpants.. whatever it takes ;)

  3. Sending love and I hope you feel better! I'm seeing a couple road trips this summer as well since we used our vacation for Hawaii. Trailmix is a must for me!