Summer Musts

posted on: 6.18.2014

Summer Musts

I shall begin by saying, if you haven't seen Big Wednesday please do, I mean just look at those guys! (Sorry Bear, you're still my favorite.) Anyways, it is one of my favorite summertime movies, as is Endless Summer of course, hence the sound bite below. That tune really sets the mood doesn't it?

Enough with the jibber jabber and onto the goods. I am confident that if growing up in a San Diego beach town taught me anything it is how to do summer right. Which also means I have the summer necessities down. So this post is dedicated to the few things I suggest you invest in for summer, well and to those guys above.

1. LBB- little black bikini. It's a thing.
2. A sturdy pair of shades. They need to survive the sun and salt.
3. Head topper. Some like hats, I like large head bands, whatever it is I guarantee at some-point you will want to cover up that hair.
4. An airy white Tee. This is cute.
5. On that note, a simple and light dress. Something that can get wet and will require minimal  (if any) styling.
6. A versatile and spacious cotton bag. This backpack seems to have it all.
7. Sandals duh, this summer I am all about slides! (I like these too.)
8. A BIG towel, trust me it makes a difference.

* Honorable mentions: Jean shorts-we have a love hate relationship. Maui Babe- but everyone has their own sun protection routine so I leave that up to you. Lastly, a playlist with some Bob Marley, yep.

If you can't tell summer and the beach are symbiotic in my book. Sorry I've never experienced the alternative for longer than a week. #sorryimnotsorry
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  1. I looooove a black bikini! Even when I purchase other colorful bikinis, the black one is always my favorite. I couldn't agree more about a hat - always necessary on the beach!


    1. Exactly! You get drawn to that colorful and eye catching bikini, but always feel best in the black.



  2. I really like the sliders and tee but my ultimate favorites are the hat and dress! Super stylish!

    x Diana

    1. Glad you like Diana! You have fabulous taste :).

      xo Michaela

  3. lovely set! X

  4. You are too perfect!! Loving this idea of a little black bikini for the Summer ;)
    xo TJ

  5. That bikini and black hat need to be my new go to summer look. It is right up my ally.