salt in my hair

posted on: 7.17.2014

After this post I couldn't take it anymore and I booked Erik and I tickets to Belize! I am officially getting my tropical vacation this summer. Normally I enjoy about 3 weeks of summer before I am ready for Fall to begin, but this year I have made it a point (in the words of Sheryl crow) to soak up the sun. In addition to a tropical adventure, below I have listed my sunny season bucket list:

-take several sunset ocean swims (see above)
-enjoy a bonfire or a beach BBQ
-go on a desert river trip
-surf (an old hobby I'd like to revisit)
-tan, no judgement please
-listen to lots and lots of reggae
-rock no makeup for a week
-drink fruity cocktails by the pool
-eat s'mores :)
-sneak wine into a movie theatre with friends
-finish a large painting
-read 2 books for pleasure
-put lemon in my hair for natural highlights
-go fishing, sailing and snorkeling (3 in one)
-fall asleep on a hammock

The photos are from my instagram and don't forget to enter this giveaway!


  1. That sunset is to die for.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous and loving that list. We want to do basically everything on it too!

    xx 365hangers

  3. Good on you! A bonfire on the beach and falling asleep in a hammock sounds like my idea of heaven!

    x Diana

  4. Oh good for you! Last minute vacations are so nice since you don't have to pine for it to get here for a long time. Hope you have a great trip!

  5. Such beautiful pictures!! I hope yall have an amazing trip!! :)


  6. amazing pictures! X

  7. I want to be by the ocean! Jealous!