Photo Diary: The River 2014

posted on: 8.18.2014

In driving out to the desert Erik and I simultaneously received flash flood alerts on our cell phones. Within seconds we were in the middle of a monsoon, did I mention we were in the desert? Cars were pulling off the road to wait it out, while we chose to power through the rain by driving a speedy 20 mph with virtually zero visibility. Our first day on the river (the Colorado River to be exact) consisted of haze, rain, thunder, some more haze and rain, then lightening! Did it stop us from tubing? Nope. Mind you, our entire river crew was made up of native San Diegans...thunderstorms do for us what sunshine must do for those penguins in Antartica. Obviously, we were unable to capture Day 1 as we lack a snazzy waterproof camera case. However, above includes Day 2 and Day 3 which allotted to lots of sunshine, lots of water sports, and the occasional hair flip. An overall success. Goodness, do I do love that Mojave desert. See previous desert pics here, here and here.


  1. Wow awesome pictures! You guys are amazing! The place is amazing too! You have really good time! Great!
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  2. Wow, wonderful photos <3 looks like you have a really amazing time together.

    Love, xoxo

  3. This look like so much fun, and you and your lovey are so cute! What kind of camera do you use, your pictures are stunning!

    1. You are most kind! We use a Canon Rebel xsi with a 50mm l.8 lens, but are in desperate need of an upgrade! Got my eye on that 6D ;).

  4. Great pictures! Love the hair flip one. :-)

  5. This looks absolutely amazing!! I'm glad you powered through the monsoon so I could see the gorgeous pictures!! And you totally perfected the mermaid hair flip!!


  6. OMG so fun!!! The river looks gorgeous!! Monsoons are no fun but at least day 2 and 3 was better weather!

    <3 Shannon

  7. it looks like the most amazing place and days. thanks for sharing
    makes me long for summer again
    e d i o t

  8. Gorgeous photos! I love being out on the water too, looks like you had an amazing time!