Sketching Space

posted on: 9.26.2014

I am kicking off the weekend with another art purchase. Seeing as my funds are sparse I was only able to buy a limited edition print of "Ripples in Hyperspace" by the talented Ana Bagayan. However, the print was professionally executed and failed to hide the artist's supreme draftsmanship. One of my secret obsessions is astronomy so when I found an artist with an equal interest in the universe, furthermore the metaphysical, I was instantly intrigued. And ugh, her ability to depict light via graphite, teach me your ways Ana!

If you are interested in buying art, but not quite ready to drop several hundred dollars, I suggest you invest in a limited edition print. They are highly collectable and a great way to begin an art collection. Email me or shoot me a comment if you want to chat about what to buy or how to start collecting, I eat this stuff up! xx Happy weekend!


  1. wow this is a really cool print. i need to start investing in some art...

  2. that's a really interesting piece. i've never tried buying pieces of art online because they are quite expensive. thanks for the tip, i'll try to look onto some :)

    xx Janelle
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  3. What an amazing work! I absolutely love it!

    Bella Pummarola

  4. wow, what an interesting and beautiful piece! My Dad is an artist (which I inherited none of his skills). Anyway, my house looks like an art gallery, he rare to never will sell a piece, so usually I get them!

  5. Really really cool print!

    Kisses ♥ Joana

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  6. Beautiful artwork! I also have a secret obsession with astronomy!

  7. A really interesting and thought provoking piece! x


  8. Wow, really beautiful... Love it...!

    love, xoxo

  9. Lovvee this! Beautiful.

    Love, Wendy Watson from College Cheese
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  10. Lovely post,

  11. amazing photos. I love all of that Nature