Stream of Consciousness

posted on: 10.15.2014

Erik, aka Bear (can you tell why that's his nickname #manchest), just got back from a work trip and in honor of his arrival I snagged a selfie. Speaking of selfies, they make me uncomfortable and I can't help but to channel that awkwardness through my facial expressions. I hate when he leaves, however I will say I did thoroughly enjoy my "me" time: I caught up on Nashville, ate a lean cuisine, then not-so-lean ice cream, and capped the night off by watching 5 consecutive episodes of 19 kids and counting. That show does not help my baby fever. Was that an inappropriate fact for blog talk? Well, I'm into written honesty these days and this is a stream of consciousness post, so that sentence is getting published. Anyway, once in bed I passed out, but thanks to that late night sugar I awoke at 4:30am with a night terror.  Since I was alone I never really fell back asleep, and now here I am at 8:09pm the following day, pooped and in bed (again) about to shut my eyes like the grandma that I am. Goodnight moon, goodnight my friends, love you all and sweet dreams.


  1. Ha-love the face! I'm with you, I cannot take a selfie, makes me to self conscious:) glad your "bear" is back home and boo about your night- it's the worst to not be able to sleep, especially when your alone.

  2. You guys are too cute. :)
    Love "ate a Lean Cuisine, then not-so-lean ice cream," haha!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Your posts always make me giggle! :) You two are adorable. Nashville is a guilty pleasure of mien as well!
    xo Erin

  4. HAHAH! I'm the one that always travels, so I get jealous of my husband's alone time in the house. It is a rare occasion for me, but usually involves Housewives and poor food choices. Amen to the selfie awkwardness.

  5. The picture is lovely! I hope you got a better nights sleep, I stuffer with night terrors and it's horrible. I always wake up at 4am and never can get back to sleep. Weh.

    Corinne x

  6. haha I think this post is great!! No shame in sharing your baby fever - we all have it :) and I can never sleep when my husband is out of town!!


  7. This picture is adorable!!! I totally binge watched 19 Kids & Counting the other night too.. while I was in bed at 8 pm. haha.

  8. haha i know how you feel. it's so hard to just like, smile and take a picture of myself... i feel ya sister. i always end up cheese smiling and closing my eyes. don't ask why haha. but this is a cute selfie! you guys could pull anything off.

    the little diary

  9. Awww how adorable is the picture - even though you're pulling an 'awkward' face you look really sweet!! I'm the same when it comes to Selfie's I haven't mastered them at all! :s

    Hahahaha - ice cream is delicious so don't worry about it…..I'm always up at midnight with the 'munchies' :)

    Hope you're well! :)

    Layla xx

  10. awww, you guys are such an amazing couple!

  11. Aw this is so cute pic, you two are amazing and so so beautiful together!