posted on: 10.28.2014

Alright all, I am coming to you for help. I have alluded to this in the past but I have major food issues, actually let me rephrase that, I have major sugar issues. For example tonight I ate a chocolate chip cookie, then a salad, then another chocolate chip cookie. So much for my low carb dinner. Here you see me on Sunday. I woke up and then, continuing another bad habit, looked through Instagram only to find that someone had posted a beautiful photo of a Belgian waffle. Instantly, there went my healthy Sunday. Once the craving enters my brain there is no stopping me and it is getting ridiculous. So help, please! Any tricks for kicking cravings?

Or should I just say eff it, bring on the cavities and love handles! Yolo. << You should know that was a first.


  1. Same happens here.I have a major sweet tooth,can't resist sweet stuff at all! :(
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  2. haha I am totally the same way!! I love sugar and carbs SO much. I usually let myself give in...and sometimes I go to the gym...Ok don't listen to me. I'm a bad influence! Your PJs are seriously adorable by the way!


  3. that ahs been me this week. i blame it on halloween!

  4. lol, I'm the same way. Unfortunately the ole bod just doesn't withstand the way it used to after four kids, so I have had to try and cut back- lame, I know. Thankfully my hubby is serious about his fitness and food, which helps. I don't really want to sit next to him eating cookies while he's enjoying plain tuna;)

  5. No tricks I'm afraid. I always give up and eat as much as I can >< haha
    Nice post and pictures :) (that's a lot of waffle though)

    x vonyll

  6. Haha those do look delicious though and you look so cute eating them, so why stop?!! :) Actually, I've been careful about sugar (not carbs so much, but sugar) because it really is toxic to our bodies unfortunately :( My solution has been to make desserts that are hard to make that I'm willing to enjoy or savor in small quantities-- like French macarons! They're delicious but I'll only eat one a day... which is better than a boxful of cookies!

    <3 Daisy
    Simplicity Relished

  7. Omg I'm so bad too and lately I have been totally yoloing it too hahaha! Why is everything that's so yummy Bad for you!? And your PJs so dang cute! And sorry I'm no help.... I went through a healthy kick and tried healthy options of cookies and stuff and ya don't waist your time hahaha gross!

    <3 Shannon

  8. Haha, so you basically had a cookie salad sandwich!

    Corinne x

  9. It looks so yummy! Ooh I can't look at it, because I'm getting hungry!

    btw. adorable pajamas! <3

    love, xoxo.

  10. Ugh...I hear your pain. I'm a total sugar monster! Would it make you feel better to know that today's lunch consisted of peanut butter and jelly and a Hostess chocolate cupcake? I wish I could help you but sugar is my biggest weakness. So, I say make sure you floss and walk to the bakery lol!

  11. You and me both, girl! That looks so delish!

    Heidi D.

  12. Haha! It's so hard to do...ESPECIALLY in the fall/winter months! Something about this time screams sweet treats! :) Can we talk about how cute you look eating your waffle though?! :)
    xo Erin

  13. The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it :D Those waffles look amazing...

    Bella Pummarola

  14. Haha i literally just ate seven cookies in a row....don't your two cookies seem like child's play now? ;) If I'm at home and have a craving I actually go work out- either run on the treadmill if I have loads of time or just a set of squats or crunches or what have you. After doing them I remember how hard it is to stay fit and then it's just not worth it :)

    xo marlen
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  15. Try dill essential oil-2 drops in a carrier oil. I use jojoba from Trader Joes. Rub on the inside of your wrists a couple times a day. I get my oils from Rose Mountain but there are lots of good places to get them. It's supposed to work on healing your pancreas and stabilizing blood sugar. I don't feel that out of control feeling any more. Also try eating more greens-juice them if you don;t want to eat them :)

  16. Looks yummy !!
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  17. Great photos! :)

    Lu |

  18. Oooh, I hear you girl! Sugar is sooo addictive- and that Belgian waffle looks awesome! I think I hear my tummy rumbling.

    My only way to curb cravings is to keep the tempting foods OUT of the house. If I keep sweets + treats ready to roll in my pantry, I WILL eat them. All. So I don't buy them, or I only buy them once in a while, and it's an out of sight, out of mind thing. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  19. Love this!!!

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  20. Well, difficult. It's the same here ;-)) I keep on telling me that I shall take my hands off of sweets but then I end up chewing something deliciously like cupcakes or Milky Way -.- But (!) a good way to reduce this is to do something with your hands, be busy and tell yourself that you're gonna eat it later. Later on the sweet is forgotten and you didn't eat it ;-))
    Nevertheless: Waffles are awesome, just like Pancakes *_* me, I couldn't deny for a second…

    ♘ ♘

  21. YOLO!!!!!!! And Happpy Happpy halllloweeeeeeeen!!! hahahahah!!! LOVVVE these pics, babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  22. Ugh yes I am right there with you. If someone cut me open candy would probably fall out like a pinata. HA. I think the key is to up your water intake. Happy Halloween!

  23. Sometimes I act the same way too lol. Great pictures!

  24. Start juicing!! Also, make almond milk smoothies...add organic peanut butter with some bananas! It will keep you full for the rest of the day! xo


  25. Estás buenísima!. Vaya ojazos azules tienes!