posted on: 11.18.2014

Pants: Gap, Blouse: c/o Rosegal, Glasses: Ray-Ban

Look, I realize my fashion sense, since say this, post has become significantly more casual. It was a different time and I was a different blogger. You should know I am totally OK with this truth, because now you all are seeing me as I really dress, and this blog is all about authenticity. Thusly, consider the look above me on a "fancy" day. There was once a time and place in my life where I was forced to wear business formal clothing and whole heartedly follow trends (Beverly Hills, what a trip), but thankfully that chapter has since closed. I have ever since boycotted collared blouses and dress pants. Lies, did you see what I am wearing? I have instead reinterpreted what it means to be professional in a more Michaela friendly way. This post is exactly how I do business dress now: a floral blouse, baggy trousers, booties, a power bun and glasses for good measure. Success, no? How do you all rock business attire?

PS: Thank you for your sweet comments on yesterday's post! Today I am less like a lyric in a Dashboard Confessional song (I mean "Just a Rose"...really?!), and on a more stable tune like Lady Antebellum's, Bartender. Haha, I am kidding, I'm kidding. But really, thanks for the smiles.

PSS: Shout out to Rosegal for the inspiration! The only thing better than a business casual dress code, is affordable business casual clothing!


  1. Hello Michaela, you have a nice blog.
    I`ll follow you cause I find your post very attractive.

    Nice outfit right here.

    with love,

  2. Always love your writing, and this is perfect business casual. I have yet to find a day that I need it, so far I'm more more mommy grunge;) glad you had a better day and things are lookin up!

  3. You look amazing and so chic! I love that lipstick shade on you!

  4. Kudos to you for staying true to who you are. Although I did like the "Hammer" pants from your old post! ha ha... I like this business casual look. The glasses and dark red lips are a great touch too.

  5. love the shirt & Lipstick :D


  6. Me encanta esa camisa, es preciosa.
    Un beso.

  7. pretty top!

  8. You look like one hott professional mama! Those glasses look amazing on you and I love that last pic haha!!

    <3 Shannon

  9. Um, you're gorgeous! I don't think anyone could rock this dark lip as well as you do!

    xo Kylie

  10. Um you are a total babe!! I love those glasses and that dark lip is beautiful on you!! And I admire that you are so real here on your blog - I try to be more like you in that way! :)


  11. Such a pretty look! Love this blouse and how you styled it with the dark pants, boots and lip.

    Heidi D.

  12. I love that shirt and your photos are beautiful!
    Melanie @

  13. Wow Michaela, you are so stunning in these pics! This shirt is amazing piece and I really love your lip color <3!
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  14. I love this look- relaxed, but still ready to take on the world. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. Love that you keep it real!! Those chic glasses and your dark lip are tres profesh! I wish I lived in sunny SoCal. Everyone seems so laid back and chill. Us New Yorkers are so tightly wound! That's probably why we rock an all black profresh look here the majority of the time!

    Glad you're in better spirits!! Love that song by Lady A!!

  16. Your shirt is petty nice and your lipstick was attractive.

  17. Love your style ! Very beautiful !

    Kisses ! Yuyu from