Living with a Puppy

posted on: 1.07.2015

My little Admiral will be 12 weeks this Friday, and boy is he full of spunk. He provides Erik and I with endless entertainment. Have a taste for yourself by checking out his Vine. To help set your Wednesday off right here are a few fun facts about this crazy pug baby pug of mine.

-He is a master at untying shoelaces. He follows my feet around endlessly attempting to improve upon his craft.
-When tired his body is amazingly malleable. He sleeps on spread legged on his back or upside down if given the chance.
-He enjoys perching. In the car he insists on sitting on my shoulders like some kind of weird parrot. On the couch he prefers to sit on top the pillows, and on our staircase he lain on the highest stair and watches us from above as if looking down on to his minions from his throne.
- This pug loves the shower. He will bark at me until I bring him in, which is problematic as I still have a hard time saying no to his sad puppy face.
-Oh and he cannot get enough hair. He eats it constantly, like all-the-time. And yes, we've found evidence in the grass if you catch my drift.

All craziness aside we love this little man and are so grateful to have him in our lives! Happy Wednsday!


  1. You two are adorable together!! I don't have a dog but am absolutely obsessed with my cats. Nothing like the love of a pet! <3

  2. He is beyond cute. I can hardly handle it.

  3. He's sooo cute I can't handle it! I stalked his vine! Love little hyper pups!

    <3 Shannon
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  4. He is ADORABLE! Cute photo of you two :)



  5. He is the most adorable little thing ever and we are too obsessed with your vines. Ahhhh so cute!!

    xx 365hangers

  6. Awww, the cuteness! Admiral sounds just like my Shih Tzu Millie -- she sprawls out into mush when she's asleep. Enjoy your fur baby!


  7. Oh my gosh he is so completely adorable!!!


  8. Oh my god, he is so cute !! haha xo

  9. ooo the cutest!! I want a puppy so bad!

  10. So sweet!! Glad you are settling into Puppy Motherhood - it's quite a lot of work though, isn't it? Still, he's the cutest ever.

    xx Kathryn

  11. Aw what a cutie! We have two dogs, but I want a puppy soooo bad!!

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  12. He's SOO cute. And he eats hair!?!?!?! That's one I've not heard of before... ;)

  13. Love seeing photos of you and Admiral! He is too adorable and I just love dogs!


  14. He is ridiculously cute!! I'm so glad you have him, it's probably nice to have a little crazy while you working on your painting, plus I'm sure he makes you take breaks for walks and food:)

  15. Ohhhh, Admiral is such a sweet boy! And how funny he gets into the shower with you!
    We got our latest, Scout, about a year ago when she was just weaned. She would sit outside the shower and whiiiiiiiine and cryyyyyy while I was in there, but she didn't want to come in. Such a little brat, haha. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. Dogs are the best!