Chapter 4: Kids

posted on: 2.26.2015

Facebook is a crazy thing. Though she had been out of my life for nearly three years, the daily comings and goings of the ghost of girlfriend past were omnipresent through social media.

I always knew I had made a mistake when I let Michaela out of my life the first time, but the pain was dulled by the new life I had made for myself in college. However, three years of seeing the girl of my dreams grow up apart from me was enough and the pain killer that was UCSB could not dull feelings that I still had for my first love.

After much time had passed, channels of communication eventually started to open. Old hurts and points of contention were discussed, and new terms of friendship were put on the table. Time heals some wounds, however real trust is harder to earn back. It began with phone calls – hi, how are you doing – tell me your troubles – I’m bored walking to class. They felt extremely natural, like reconnecting with an old friend, and it felt good. Once I got a little taste of what I had lost I knew I needed to get it back, for the long haul.

Fall was in full swing, the end of October was approaching, and I lived in a fraternity house at UCSB. Halloween at UCSB is notorious, and what better way to entice an old friend to meet up that inviting them to fun weekend down in Santa Barbara. Michaela was lucky enough to catch a ride down with a friend of a friend and boy was I nervous. By this time my friends had learned about “the Berkeley girl” and they knew I was smitten.

The weekend was approaching and I got the call, “hi – I am outside”. I had butterflies in my stomach for the first time in I could not remember how long. I walked outside and there she was. My first love, perfect in every way, smiling her beautiful smile, standing right in front of me. Of course an awkward first hug in 3 years followed, but most importantly the second chapter of our lives together began.


PS: These photos are from a year after we rekindled our friendship. That year Erik's computer was stolen and mine crashed...
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  1. This is so sweet! I think its so inspiring when old loves rekindle their romance after a couple years when both have grown and matured--it infuses every breakup with hope and potential! My boyfriends mother actually just remarried her college boyfriend...they had broken up, married other people, had kids with them, were divorced/widowed and found eachother again twenty years later! I think thats such a sweet story, and I'm so happy for you two!!


  2. This is the sweetest post in the world. Thank you for sharing this, Erik. You and Michaela make such a beautiful couple. I married my first love as well- there's just nothing like it.

  3. That is adorable! You two clearly have a wonderful relationship!


  4. You make a really cute couple!! glad everything worked out :)

  5. What a sweet post! Y'all look so adorable in those photos :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  6. The cliff hangers get me every time!! You both are the cutest and he is such a good writer!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  7. This is so amazing on every level! It takes a real man to admit what he's lost and the story of you two rekindling is beautiful!

    xx Cara

  8. Nice photos

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  9. Reading this gave me chills! I totally love reading about relationships and I'm so glad that you guys were able to rekindle your guys' relationship!

  10. This is so sweet and inspiring.
    Your a very loving person.

    Check my new post.

  11. These pictures are adorable, you guys are so cute!
    Melanie @

  12. What a sweet love story and you guys are adorable!


  13. Very interesting to hear Erik's side! It's true that it's only when we have lost something / someone that we start feeling the appreciation that we should have when they were around.

  14. What an amazing story, this genuinely made me smile so much. So nice to hear a beautiful, emotional story from the mans point of view too. Loved this post :)


  15. Reading this put a huge smile to my face, what a sweet and amazing story, thank you for sharing with us. I'm so glad that you guys got together again, you both look so precious together. I guess it's true after all, absence makes the heart grows fonder.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity