10 Ways to Fuel Your Creative Fire

posted on: 3.19.2015

1. Gather inspiration: Watch/Listen/Read whatever moves you. For me that is French films and movie scores, specifically music with a Celtic tone. Weird, I know, but it works.

2. Just go with it: When you get that creative itch, run with it! If it's in the middle of the night and you can't silence your ideas, don't! Get up and embrace them, or at the very least...

3. Write it down: Inspiration and ideas don't always appear at opportune times, thus always be ready to record.

4. Change your 'tude: Don't dread your work, get excited about creating! Artistry doesn't have to be associated with depression and angst. It is a beautifully euphoric act if you ask me.

5. Change direction: Sometimes the direction you are headed isn't working. Don't be afraid to make a U-Turn. Start over or go somewhere else entirely!

6. Find a subject: Topics are limitless, and sometimes going to that blank piece of paper or canvas can be daunting. So give yourself a focus, it can be anything: pigs, boats, selfies, a break-up or existentialism.

7. Move: Endorphins, hello! Get out and move, you might come across an idea while in the exercise zone. I often do.

8. Forget people pleasing: The arts are innately subjective, thus rejection is terrifying because your creation is incredibly personal. Keep in mind however, when it comes to creative taste everyone is different. Some like abrastract art, some minimalism, while others perfer hyper-realism. Your creation will not please everyone even if it is work of supposed genius, so don't even try.

9. Embrace the mental block: Sometimes your brain just needs a break, give it one. Fear not, creativity will come in due time.

10. Be your dream self: Good or bad, realistic or fantastical creation is reminiscent of the dream world. Remember yours, and embody them. This doesn't mean become a surrealist, but if in your dreamworld you are fearless, passionate, adventurous or all of the above, be that person when you create. It is you truly you after all.


  1. Love this list. I like your point about not trying to please everyone, it's impossible to even try! Beautiful photos by the way, makes me want to start painting again :)


  2. wow! Great studio :P love the photos :P


  3. Such an inspirational post! Agree with you on each single point. x


  4. These all such great tips and I love these pictures of you in action!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  5. Beautiful photos! :)



  6. Beautiful photos! :)



  7. This list is everything, and we're so saving it for later when we get stuck. Thanks a million girl!!

    xx 365Hangers

  8. That's nice.
    I have weakness with painting
    So i feel your lucky enough to have it lol

    Check my new post.
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  9. Since moving to NYC Ben and I took on a new tradition of going to The Met on Friday nights or early Saturdays - we just walk through the halls and galleries, and come out very inspired to be creative over the weekend. And what a coincidence! Ben's parents (both artists) also love listening to Celtic music on the weekends while painting!

    Katie // Lublyou

  10. you make it seem so easy!! i wanna try this. great photos too:)


  11. I love the tip to get moving! Sometimes when I'm blocked or mulling over a hard choice a run is just what I need to get inspired :)